Rumor: Disney Eyeing Dua Lipa for the Role of Meg in Live-Action ‘Hercules’!

Rumor: Disney Eyeing Dua Lipa for the Role of Meg in Live-Action 'Hercules'!

In 1997, Disney released its animated film Hercules, which became a major hit globally. It earned an amazing $252.7 million on an $85 million budget, which was an exceptional amount of money back then, and it made history as one of Disney’s most beloved animated features. The original movie featured the voice talents of Tate Donovan (as Hercules), Danny DeVito (as Philoctetes), James Woods (as Hades), and Susan Egan (as Megara), some of who reprised their roles in the sequel animated series and the animated prequel. But, with Disney doing its series of live-action remakes of its animated classics, we know that Hercules is also being remade, and some recent rumors suggest that we have a chief candidate for the role of Megara!

These rumors come from Skyler Shuler, a well-known Disney insider, who has taken the time to answer some of the fans’ questions, one of which also had to do with casting rumors related to the Hercules movie. So, let us dive in and see what Shuler has for us.

As Shuler said on his The DisInsider portal, he “thought it would be fun to a bi-weekly [could change] mailbag here. The goal here is to answer some burning questions from fans about The Walt Disney Company and its many outlets.” The DisInsider Mailbag is a very popular section that reveals a lot of interesting and intriguing information, as well as some very reliable insider information. One of the questions answered in this edition of the Mailbag was as follows:

Who else are being considered for Meg other than Ariana Grande? Elizabeth Gillies perhaps?

Skyler: Not saying anyone should run with this as 100% fact but a name I hear Disney likes right now is Dua Lipa.

Source: The DisInsider

This information has been confirmed by Zach Perilstein of Boardwalk Times, who participated in this week’s Mailbag, revealing this piece of information. We don’t know whether this is going to be final, but if Disney wants to go with someone who has musical experience, Dua Lipa seems like a good choice in terms of her physical likeness to Megara. Out of the three candidates, Ariana Grande seems to us like the least good pick, while Elizabeth Gilles is a solid choice, like Dua Lipa.

The latter two have the vocal skills to play the role since the upcoming movie is going to be a musical as well, and they look the part, so we won’t be dissatisfied if Dua Lipa becomes Megara in the movie. The live-action film will be produced by the Russo Brothers for Disney, although it doesn’t have a release date just yet. Guy Ritchie has signed on to direct, while David Callaham is writing the script. No cast members have been confirmed as of yet.

This is what we have for you at this moment, but we are definitely going to keep following this story, so stick with us if you want to get the latest updates as soon as possible.

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