Rumor: Marvel Studios May Bring ‘Adventure into Fear’ to TV Screens

Rumor: Marvel Studios May Bring 'Adventure into Fear' to TV Screens

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Marvel Studios is reportedly exploring a new project titled ‘Adventure into Fear’, bringing the classic horror comic series to television. This news comes from DanielRPK, a well-known industry insider. The comic series, which ran from November 1970 through December 1975, spanned 31 issues under the title ‘Adventure into Fear’. Its unique blend of horror and fantasy captivated readers for years.

Initially, the first nine issues, simply titled ‘Fear,’ were reprints of stories from Marvel’s pre-superhero era. These included tales from ‘Journey into Mystery,’ ‘Strange Tales,’ ‘Tales to Astonish,’ and ‘Tales of Suspense.’ Most of these early stories were penned by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber, featuring artwork from legends like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Don Heck.

The comic took a new direction with issue #10, introducing original material and renaming the series to ‘Adventure into Fear.’ This period marked the debut of the Man-Thing, a swamp creature first seen in ‘Savage Tales’ #1. Notably, Steve Gerber took over scripting and made a significant impact with his work on the Man-Thing series.

Another notable character to emerge from the series was Howard the Duck. Initially intended as a one-off character, Howard’s debut in issue #19 captured the audience’s imagination, leading to his own comic series and a feature film.


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Morbius the Living Vampire, first seen in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ #101, became the central character in ‘Adventure into Fear’ starting from issue #20. The series followed his interdimensional journeys and battles against various foes. This storyline showcased a diverse range of artists including Gil Kane, P. Craig Russell, and George Evans.

For fans looking to revisit these classic stories, there are several collected editions available. These include the ‘Adventure into Fear’ Omnibus, ‘Essential Man-Thing,’ ‘Howard the Duck’ Omnibus, and multiple Morbius Epic Collections.

This rumored TV project could be a thrilling addition to Marvel’s television lineup, diving into a darker, more fantastical side of the Marvel Universe. Fans will undoubtedly be eager to see how Marvel Studios adapts these iconic stories for the small screen.

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