Despite Backlash and Rumors, Ruth/Sabra is Reportedly Still in ‘Captain America 4’

Despite Backlash and Rumors, Ruth/Sabra is Reportedly Still in 'Captain America 4'

Captain America: Brave New World is going to be released on February 14, 2025, as things stand now as one of the first movies of the MCU’s Phase Five. The movie will star Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America, taking over from Steve Rogers, who was played by Chris Evans in the earlier movies.

But, we’re also aware that Captain America: Brave New World faced significant delays in production. Originally slated for release this year, the movie encountered a setback when initial test screenings received overwhelmingly negative reviews, prompting a decision for extensive reshoots.

One of the reasons why the film faced backlash, although we don’t know whether this was included in the negative reviews of the test screenings, was the inclusion of the character Sabra in the movie. Sabra is an Israeli superheroine, and while this was certainly not intended when the character was originally cast, it became an issue after the most recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some fans called for the character to be written out of the movie, but the most recent rumors seemingly confirm that she is still in the movie!

In case you don’t know, Sabra is the alter ego of the Israeli superheroine Ruth Bat-Seraph, a mutant who also works as an agent of the Israeli secret service Mossad. And while the inclusion of an Israeli character in an MCU movie wouldn’t usually spark much controversy, the most recent war in Palestine, as well as the international reactions to Israel’s actions, resulted in a lot of backlash.

Having an agent of Mossad in the film worried Arab fans that Arabs and possibly Palestinians would be portrayed negatively and stereotypically in the movie, which led to calls for her removal from the final version of the movie, despite the fact that actress Shira Haas had already been cast and filmed her scenes for the movie.

While the status was unclear, the recent reshoots had some fans thinking that her character was ultimately removed from the film due to possible negative backlash over the Israeli situation and that this was the actual reason for the reshoots. But, it seems that it wasn’t.

DanielRPK, whom we have often relied on here and who is known for his correct insider information and leaks, recently tweeted that, based on his information, Sabra is not only still in the movie, but will also have a bigger role in the film and will be a heroine:

This is, of course, just a rumor, but Marvel has already reassured fans that Sabra will be different in the movie and that they will not do anything to disrespect anyone; we already know that she is an employee of the U.S. government in the movie. This is what we have for you at this moment, but with the release date closing in, we are certain that we will have more updates for you in the upcoming weeks and months, so do keep following us for all the latest news and updates related to the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World movie.

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