Rumors: Robert Pattinson Eyed for Lead in ‘Neuromancer’ Apple TV+ Series

Robert Pattinson 'Neuromancer'

Rumors are swirling around Robert Pattinson, famous for ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Batman’, being the top pick for the lead role in a new series adaptation of ‘Neuromancer’. The talk is that Apple TV+ is pushing forward with this project, based on William Gibson’s iconic sci-fi novel.

Insider Daniel Richtman has shared some juicy details. He mentions that Graham Roland is gearing up to write and showrun, with JD Dillard set to direct. It seems like big names are being considered for the cast. We’re talking about Oscar Isaac, Chris Evans, and Taron Egerton, among others, but Pattinson is currently the one with the offer to play Henry Case, the antihero hacker.

The story’s all about Case, who’s got a knack for hacking but also a troubled past. He gets pulled into a high-stakes mission in a world where the lines between the digital and the real blur. Alongside him is Molly, a tough mercenary who’s all about combat skills and protection. Then there’s Armitage, the mysterious guy who hires Case, adding a layer of intrigue with his military background.


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‘Neuromancer’ isn’t just any sci-fi tale. It’s a groundbreaking work that inspired a whole genre, including movies like ‘The Matrix’. It’s got awards for its name and even a graphic novel adaptation from the ’80s.

Everyone’s on edge for an official announcement, but for now, we’re left with these whispers and speculations. It’s exciting to think about who will end up bringing these characters to life. What do you think about Pattinson stepping into the cyberpunk world?

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