Samuel L. Jackson Praises Emilia Clarke’s and Olivia Coleman’s Marvel Performances

emilia clarke and olivia coleman

Marvel‘s new upcoming series Secret Invasion, follows Fury and Talosin in their attempt to stop the Skrulls who have infiltrated the highest spheres of the Marvel Universe. This plot details are still under the wraps and that includes the roles of some stars confirmed to join the cast, such as Emilia Clarke or Olivia Coleman.

In the recent viral clip, the fans could see Emilia Clarke’s character struggling for her life on the set, but it is still unclear what role is she playing- fans could only guess her character is fighting with Skrull, but that hardly reveals much. Olivia Coleman’s character is even more mysterious, as fans are still unsure whether her character is evil or not.

In a recent live talk, Samuel L. Jackson talked about the series and shared his experience on working alongside his co-stars – including Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Ben Mendelsohn, and Martin Freeman. When talking about Clarke, Jackson complimented the actress, revealing that he thought she was amazing:

“Emilia, amazing. It’s like, c’mon man, you walk on the set and you go, ‘Okay, that’s the Queen of Dragons.’ She’s so tiny. She’s like a fairy, you want to hold her!”

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Jackson also commented on the chemistry he and Coleman had on set, revealing that they “just started laughing” when they first saw each other. He thought working alongside her was “glorious” and that she is very effective in a scene, but seemed to be particularly impressed by the fact that they simply had such a good time together.

“When I walked in the room and Olivia Colman was standing there, I was just like, ahahah, this is gonna be so amazing! And she looked at me and went like ahahaha! And, you know, we just started laughing. And when we started to work it was so glorious and such a ball. And not this, you know, serious, crazy, deepness, you know. We were just kind of having a good time. She is so amazing and so effective in a scene. You know, it’s those moments that when you’re in the middle of doing it and you feel it and you watch it happen, that when they finally say cut, all you can do is look at the other person and go, oh my god, that was amazing, that was so great! And she’s like, you’re better than I thought! She was great.”

The six-episode Secret Invasion series is expected to debut on Disney+ in 2022.

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