Scarlett Johansson Spearheads Disney’s Tower of Terror Film Amidst Industry Challenges

Tower of Terror

After a period of uncertainty, Scarlett Johansson rekindles the excitement for Disney’s upcoming ‘Tower of Terror’ movie. As both a producer and a devoted Disney enthusiast, Johansson’s involvement adds a personal touch to this project. Her recent discussion on TODAY reassures fans that despite previous setbacks, the film is actively moving forward.

The journey of this movie adaptation hasn’t been smooth. It faced delays, notably during Johansson’s legal dispute with Disney over the release strategy for ‘Black Widow.’ However, these hurdles are now in the past, and the focus is back on making ‘Tower of Terror’ a reality.

The creative minds behind this project are noteworthy. With Josh Cooley, celebrated for his work on ‘Toy Story 4,’ handling the script, and Taika Waititi, the creative force behind ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ directing, the film promises to be an intriguing venture. This team is revamping a concept that first appeared as a 1997 TV movie starring Kirsten Dunst and Steve Guttenberg.


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For those unfamiliar, the Disney park attraction inspires the Tower of Terror. It’s a tale of eerie occurrences and supernatural events centered around a haunted hotel. While specific plot details are under wraps, the premise guarantees a blend of suspense and adventure.

In addition to the ‘Tower of Terror,’ Johansson has her hands full with another Disney project. She’s tight-lipped about this Marvel Studios venture, but it’s confirmed that it’s unrelated to her Black Widow character.

As for the ‘Tower of Terror,’ a release date is still pending. The initial concept for the film dates back to 2017, and now, after overcoming various industry strikes and legal challenges, it seems the wait for its fruition will soon be over. Johansson’s commitment and Disney’s backing hint at an exciting addition to the realm of cinematic adaptations of theme park attractions.

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