Second Season of TV Anime ‘Shadows House’ Premiers in July


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According to a press release, the second season of the supernatural TV Anime Shadows House will air in July this year. The first season, which had a total of 12 episodes, aired in April 2021. Author So-ma-to and staff of the TV anime were excited to share the news of the return of the Shadows and their Living Dolls.

A teaser visual was also released to pique further the interest of new and returning fans of the series. 

You can see the visual below: 


In the visual, the faceless “Shadow” girl Kate Mirror walks the dark hallways alongside her Living Doll, the cheerful and optimistic Emilico. At first glance, you’d think that the Shadows served the humans, but in reality, it’s the exact opposite. The Living Dolls, the humans, are the servants to the Shadows. The Living Dolls and their masters have identical silhouettes. 

Too creepy for you? Before giving the series a hard pass, it’s worth mentioning that the slow-burn Victorina horror manga has a lot of cute characters. The story has a fair share of mystery in it as well. If you like horror and mystery, plus cute anime girls, look no further. 


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Akari Kito, the voice actress of Kate, shared a few words on the confirmation of the second season. She shares that she’s brimming with excitement on the news of the second season and can’t wait to voice Kate once more. Kito also said that she’s a fan of the manga and is looking forward to enacting certain scenes. 

Emilico’s voice actress, Yu Sasahara, also had a couple of words to say on the exciting news. She said that she’s looking forward to seeing specific scenes from the manga in the anime. Sasahara ends her short message by telling viewers and fans to look forward to the upcoming new season of Shadows House

Source: Comic Natalie 

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