New Set Photos Reveal Corenswet’s Superman Is Getting a Cute Animal Co-Star! Is It a Second Green Lantern?!

New Set Photos Reveal Corenswet's Superman Is Getting a Cute Animal Co-Star! Is It a Second Green Lantern?!

Superman is, as we all know, one of the best, most popular, and strongest comic book characters ever. The guy has been around since 1938 and is one of DC Comics’ biggest assets. Throughout his career, Superman has – for the most part – embodied the ideals of heroism, and his name has somewhat become a synonym for superheroism in general.

His on-screen interpretations have been numerous and they vary in format as well. From live-action to animated, Superman has been a part of modern American pop culture for decades now and James Gunn’s upcoming Superman movie is going to be another addition to an already rich library of films.

We have recently reported on Gunn’s take and how different it might be from Snyder’s darker take, as set photos and videos from the filming process are being leaked and/or released online. In this report, we are going to focus on another batch of set photos that might introduce a very important new character to the film.

These new set photos are focused on Superman interacting with a very cute and unlikely co-star. The co-star is a squirrel, and we can see Superman, in costume, interact with it, as you can see in the images below:

These photos don’t reveal much, but they do confirm what we have written about in our earlier reports, i.e., that Gunn is aiming for a more classic and lighter Superman film, especially when compared with Snyder’s dark version of the character. Snyder’s Superman would never really interact with animals in such a way, and remember that this is not the first indication that Gunn’s Superman will be much lighter in tone than Snyder’s.

This could be just a regular squirrel that Superman is saving, something that shows that he is your everyday hero, someone who doesn’t just kill General Zod and his army but also someone who saves animals from trees, which is a significant difference. But there is a catch.

Namely, the squirrel could be just a randomly picked animal, but it could also be a foreshadowing of a very important and interesting character that will have an appearance in Superman. Namely, as DC Comic fans will now, a very important member of the Green Lantern Corps is a squirrel named Ch’p.

Ch’p is a member of the H’lvenite race from the planet H’lven. The members of this alien race look like squirrels and chipmunks but are bipedal. This means that the squirrel could actually, be Ch’p, but we don’t know yet, as the set photos don’t reveal much. But we are going to keep following up on this story, so be sure to stick around for more!

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