Shaman King New Episodes Catalogued on Netflix: Can We Expect Season 2?

Shaman King was probably one of the top prominent anime to be adapted from a manga in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, after premiering in 2001, Shaman King ended the run with a single season. However, the streaming giant, Netflix, recently sparked interest in new and old fans of Shaman King and action-packed anime when a reboot was released in August 2021.

Twenty years after the initial release, Netflix added another promising anime title to the long anime list available with the streaming service and fans can’t seem to get enough. Netflix had recently added 13 new episodes of Shaman King, which sparked confusion among fans. Some portals and blogs even reported that Netflix had cataloged the second season for Shaman King.

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Despite the high hopes, the second season is not confirmed yet, while fans can indulge in the latest episodes. It may be a bit too early to talk about season 2 as the first season is still not concluded. New episodes of Shaman King are still released in Japan every Thursday, starting from April 1st, 2021.

The first season has a total of 52 episodes and Netflix had only listed 25 with the latest addition of 13 new episodes. That being said, season 2 might not happen until spring 2022 if Shaman King would be renewed for its second reboot season.

Netflix had bought international streaming rights for Shaman King and is set to release the first season in four parts, with two already being released to faithful streamers and anime fans. The latest 13 episodes were released on December 9th, while the release date for the third part is yet to be revealed.

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