Sharlto Copley Plays The Deranged Unabomber In A New Trailer

Sharlto Copley Plays The Deranged Unabomber In A New Trailer

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TED K, a crime documentary that brings the story of Unabomber from director Tony Stone, received a new trailer and poster. The film will explore the twisted mind of Ted Kaczynski whose paranoid beliefs led to violent behavior.

Sharlto Copley stars as a deranged American terrorist, and the trailer reveals his gradual mental decline, from deranged beliefs to serial bombings.

The trailer progresses gradually, we first see after Kaczynski reacts to how modern society is destroying the country around him and the world in general. He writes down everyone who is guilty, from oil companies, the carpentry industry, and writes about the corruption of society through technology. In his records, he plans to take revenge on a world that has disturbed his peace.

Through Copley’s gruesome narrative and the terrifying scenes that show Unabomber in action, the trailer reveals to us how Kaczynski believes violence is not only effective but also a fair method of expressing his beliefs.

The film had its premiere almost a year ago at the Berlin International Film Festival where it met with numerous accolades. It has since been screened at several festivals, with cinema distribution and video-on-demand service coming on February 18th.

Check out the official trailer for TED K below.

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