‘Shōgun’s Epic Trailer Revealed: FX’s New Series Coming in February

Shōgun's Epic Trailer Revealed

After much anticipation, FX is finally unveiling its new Shōgun miniseries. It’s a retelling of James Clavell’s legendary novel in a 10-episode format. Good news for streaming enthusiasts: it’s releasing on Hulu this coming February. And if you’re more into watching it the old-school way, FX’s got you covered with weekly episodes.

Diving into the story, we’re whisked back to the year 1600. Here, we meet John Blackthorne, an English sailor played by the talented Cosmo Jarvis (you might remember him from Peaky Blinders). But this isn’t a merry sea adventure; Blackthorne finds himself stranded in a Japanese fishing village during a tumultuous period. Feudal Japan is not just about tea ceremonies and cherry blossoms; it’s a time of war and intrigue.


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Enter Lord Yoshii Toranaga, a key figure embroiled in the heart of a civil war. Hiroyuki Sanada, whom you might recall from Westworld, takes on this role. But communication is tricky, and that’s where Toda Mariko steps in. Portrayed by Anna Sawai (a standout from Pachinko), she’s the crucial link, the translator that bridges the cultural divide. Her own journey intertwines with Blackthorne’s in ways that promise to keep viewers glued.

To get a taste of this epic, FX has graced us with a trailer. For those who remember, Shōgun isn’t a new name on TV. Back in 1980, NBC had their version, with Toshiro Mifune and Richard Chamberlain leading the cast. It was a huge hit, drawing in over 20 million viewers each time and snagging three Emmys. One can only wonder, will this new adaptation recreate that magic?

By the way, kudos to Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo who’ve transformed this tale for the modern screen. With Justin also onboard as the showrunner and executive producer, there’s a lot to be excited about.

So, gear up for February. It seems like an epic journey awaits. And who knows? You might find yourself hooked, just like many did almost four decades ago. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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