10 Best Shows Like Cracow Monsters (Ranked)


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Cracow Monsters is an entertaining series to watch on Netflix if you are into the entire supernatural and paranormal kind of series. Some of you may have already binged through it by now, especially because of how it’s a show that is actually quite easy to follow. So, if you’re looking for something that’s quite similar to this series, we have a good list of shows that are actually like Cracow Monsters.

10. Cursed (2020)

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It’s a shame that Netflix never renewed Cursed for a new season, despite how entertaining this series is. Nevertheless, this is a series that you might want to watch if you found Cracow Monsters interesting. At first glance, they don’t look similar to one another because Cursed is based on Arthurian legend. But the fact that they both focus on a narrative that is all about legends and myths is what makes them similar to one another.

Cursed is a series that follows the usual Arthurian story, but the main character here is actually the woman who’s destined to eventually become the Lady of the Lake, who will give the legendary sword Excalibur to Arthur. As such, it includes a lot of different Arthurian elements that are very familiar to a lot of people. Of course, the series also shows a few members of the Knights of the Round Table. While it only lasted for a single season, it still is quite entertaining to watch.

9. Merlin (2008 – 2012)

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While Cursed focuses on the backstory of the Lady of the Lake, Merlin focuses on the titular Arthurian character during his younger years. We all know Merlin as the wizard that Arthur keeps on his side. This series focuses on the story of that very same wizard and how he eventually became as great as he is in the Arthurian legend.

The reason why Merlin is similar to Cracow Monsters is that they both tell the story of supernatural and fantastic legends that we only read in different stories. While they might have different premises, the element of fantasy is what allows them to be quite similar to one another. As such, Merlin is going to be a treat for those who love fantasy shows.

8. Trese (2021 – Present)

TRESE Netflix May 21 2021 006.jpg

You could say that Trese is basically the Filipino animated version of Cracow Monsters because both of these shows focus on a story that revolves around local legends. While Cracow Monsters focuses on supernatural and paranormal creatures that can be read in Slavic legends and myths, Trese is about the different supernatural creatures that you can read in Philippine folklore. As such, they are very similar to one another.


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Trese follows the story of the titular character, who acts as the bridge between the regular human world in Manila and the supernatural beings living in the city. However, a deity threatens to destroy the balance between the real world and the supernatural side of Manila as Trese is forced to try to stop things from getting too out of hand.

7. Hellbound (2021 – Present)

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One of the most interesting things about Hellbound is that it can be a bit true to life in the sense that people can get a bit too obsessed with religion. The series explores a supernatural event that involves demonic entities, and that’s why it is quite similar to the supernatural and paranormal side of Cracow Monsters. However, Hellbound is more of a series that allows us to see the ugliness of the human person and the philosophical side of what it really means to be religious.

In Hellbound, a supernatural event is causing “angels” to appear in front of people to announce the time of their deaths. When that time comes, demonic entities appear out of nowhere to punish the person and make them suffer before burning them alone and essentially bringing their souls to hell. The series explores the story of a religious organization that’s looking to take advantage of this event to its benefit and how a lawyer seeks to stop this group from controlling the people of South Korea.

6. Castlevania (2017 – 2021)

castlevania canceled

Castlevania is a lot like Cracow Monsters because this is a series that deals with supernatural and paranormal creatures such as vampires, demons, and even deities. However, Castlevania is set during the medieval period and is actually an animated Netflix series. Nevertheless, if you love supernatural creatures and stories that revolve around fantasy, this should be a series for you.


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The story of Castlevania follows three central characters, namely Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard. This series starts out as a quest to destroy Dracula, who is looking to unleash a horde of demons to the world to take revenge for the death of his wife. You might already be familiar with this title because Castlevania is actually one of the most popular video game franchises of all time and has been around for decades already.

5. Game of Thrones (2011 – 2019)

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Game of Thrones is probably up there at the top when you’re talking about shows that tend to have a good mix of fantasy and a bit of reality. While the premise of Game of Thrones has nothing to do with our real world, its ability to mix real-world issues such as politics and corruption allows us to see just how good of a series it is. Of course, considering that it also focuses on fantastical and supernatural creatures such as zombies and dragons, that is where the similarity between nit and Cracow Monsters lies.

Set in the fictional continent of Westeros, Game of Thrones explores a civil war between different lords in the continent as they fight for the right to become king. But what they don’t know is that a queen is looking to take back her throne with the help of dragons. And the worst part of all of it is the fact that a horde of ice zombies from the north is looking to bolster its numbers to invade the entire continent.

4. Archive 81 (2022 – Present)

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Archive 81 follows the same kind of supernatural thriller formula that you can find in Cracow Monsters. However, this series is more of a slow-burn horror series that attacks you psychologically. In a sense, it is similar to Cracow Monsters because of how it mixes the real world with supernatural elements. But the fact that its approach is quite unique allows it to be in a league of its own.

The story of Archive 81 follows a person who works in restoring old videos. He was hired to restore old videos about a burnt-down New York apartment building. While he was working his way through those videos, he began to experience supernatural events that tend to distort the rules of time and space as he was left questioning his own sanity through it all.

3. Carnival Row (2019 – Present)

carnival row amazon prime 1200x680 1

Carnival Row is an Amazon original series that allows us to see a lot of different elements coming together to form an entertaining show that can be quite similar to Cracow Monsters. While Carnival Row is more on the lighter side of fantasy, it still has similar elements when compared to Cracow Monsters, such as mythological creatures that live alongside humans. So, in a way, it is a show that allows us to see a good combination of magic and mythology.

The story of this series follows a detective who was tasked to solve a series of murders that involve magical creatures. These murders increased the tensions between the magical creatures and humans. As such, his job is to make sure he gets to the bottom of the case so that he can prevent tensions from escalating even further.

2. Penny Dreadful (2014 – 2016)


Penny Dreadful is a lot like Cracow Monsters because of the fact that it involves creatures and people that we have only read in stories. This is as close to supernatural as you can get because the protagonists themselves are people who are tasked to hunt different creatures that you can only read in fantasy stories and in myths. As such, you could already see how similar it is to Cracow Monsters.

The story of Penny Dreadful revolves around the protagonists’ quest to hunt down the creatures who abducted the daughter of a certain Sir Malcolm. As the story develops, they come into contact with different creatures like vampires and Frankenstein’s Monster. As such, it’s a good series that allows you to see how well the creator of the show was able to blend Victorian London with supernatural elements.

1. The Witcher (2019 – Present)

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The Witcher may be a series that is set in a different timeline and an entirely different setting. However, what makes it very similar to Cracow Monsters is its Polish origin. The original Witcher novels were written by a Polish author and have a lot of different elements that are related to Slavic legends, folklore, and myths. In that regard, The Witcher and Cracow Monsters are very similar to one another.


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