Sneak Peek Into the Upcoming ‘Attack on Titan’ Sequel Manga ‘Bad Boy’

Levi Ackerman

Attack on Titan fans, brace yourselves! A new chapter, titled ‘Bad Boy,’ is set to make a grand entry into the Attack on Titan universe. Authored by Hajime Isayama, this addition comes three years after the manga’s conclusion, promising to delve into the backstory of a fan-favorite: Levi Ackerman.

Levi, known as humanity’s strongest soldier, has captured hearts with his resilience and strength. But what about his past? In ‘Bad Boy,’ Isayama takes us back to Levi’s childhood. It’s a time of poverty, with a bedridden mother and a young Levi forced into a ruthless world. This is where his uncle, Kenny, steps in. A formidable figure himself, Kenny teaches Levi to fight, preparing him for the harsh realities of their world.

What’s intriguing is that this new chapter won’t touch the controversial ending of the series. Instead, it hones in on a character who has, until now, only had snippets of his past revealed. Fans saw a glimpse of Levi’s tough upbringing in the anime’s third season and an OVA focusing on his scout days. But it’s clear that Isayama feels there’s more to Levi’s story that needs telling.

While we eagerly wait for the official release on April 30, 2024, some rough drafts and dialogues have already found their way online. Thanks to a vigilant fan on Reddit from the r/ShingekiNoKyojin community, we have some translations that hint at the depth of Levi’s journey from childhood. This sneak peek is a tantalizing appetizer for what’s to come.

Isayama, recognized for his compelling storytelling, seems to have taken his time to craft a narrative that not only satisfies the curiosity of fans but also pays homage to one of his beloved characters. His dedication to Levi’s character is evident, and fans are in for a treat.


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As April nears, we expect more insights from the author or Kodansha, the publisher. In the meantime, for those who can’t wait, the rough drafts and dialogues can be a source of speculation and excitement. The original ‘Attack on Titan’ manga is available through Kodansha and K Manga, while the anime series can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

For fans who felt the anime’s epic finale left them wanting more, ‘Bad Boy’ seems poised to fill that void. It’s not just another chapter; it’s a deeper exploration of a character who has been a pillar of strength throughout the series. So, mark your calendars and prepare to dive once more into the world of ‘Attack on Titan,’ through the eyes of Levi Ackerman.

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