Solo Leveling Anime: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More

solo leveling anime

Many prominent Korean Manhwa novels, such as Tower of God and The God of High School, have previously been turned into anime. 

So, an anime version of Solo Leveling appears to be in the works. Furthermore, one of the driving elements is the popularity of manhwa. With a live-action film and a video game already in the works, it’s just a matter of time until we see Solo Leveling anime season 1.

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date 

The conclusion of the first season of Solo Leveling Manhwa piqued the interest of all fans in its anime adaptation. Several speculations about the Solo Leveling anime are circulating on manhwa and manga communities. Are they, however, true? So, we’re here to clear up any confusion concerning the Solo Leveling brand.

Solo Leveling has been one of the most successful manhwas of all time since its debut in 2016. It has carved out a special place in the hearts of its devotees. It quickly became the most popular webtoon on the internet. Season 1 of manhwa, consisting of 110 episodes, finished in April 2021, and the following season has already been confirmed. Aside from the upcoming season, fans are anxiously anticipating a ‘Solo Leveling’ anime adaptation from the franchise.

The Solo Leveling franchise is so popular that fans have created a petition on to demand an anime adaptation. Fans are hopeful that their voices will be heard by a well-known animation studio. More than 200,000 requests have already been signed, indicating the extent of the frenzy among followers.

Aside from petitions, users are filling out Netflix forms to request movies and TV series. In a poll held by AnimeJapan in 2021, which asked which manga or Asian comic would the fans want to see turned into an anime, “Solo Leveling” came in second place.

Solo Leveling’s webtoon manhwa will be adapted into an anime series to be broadcast in 2021. The petition for the Solo Leveling anime on began some time ago and currently has over 200,000 signatures out of 500,000. 

A Solo Leveling Manhwa teaser has also appeared. There is enough source material to make an anime with a completely finished web book and a manhwa of over 100 chapters. Fans all across the world are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Solo Leveling.

Because the Tower of God webtoon was animated, it’s not a leap to picture Solo Leveling getting the same treatment. Fans are still waiting for the news of the Solo leveling anime adaptation. When Webtoons published a Solo Leveling video hinting at the anime version of the manhwa, it appeared that the anime version was just around the corner. 

However, no official word on this has been published as of yet.

Fans are also anxious to learn how many episodes the Solo Leveling anime adaptation will feature. According to reports, the first season of Solo Leveling anime will consist of 12 episodes, with a season 2 following soon after.

According to the reports, the first season of anime would consist of 24 episodes, with the remaining episodes being used in the second season of anime adapted from the manhwa. We cannot, however, foresee everything on our own. This is what our sources say, and we’ll have to wait for the official word.

It has not been officially announced that the Solo Leveling manhwa would be turned into an anime. Though we are confident that we will be able to watch Solo Leveling anime sooner or later.

It would be premature to speculate on a release date. The work has been started in the background, and the anime will be released later this year or in 2022.

Solo Leveling Anime Plot 

A famously weak hunter called Sung Jinwoo finds himself in a seemingly endless struggle for existence in a world where hunters, people with magical powers, must face dangerous creatures to save the human species from destruction. 

After narrowly escaping an enormously powerful dungeon that almost wipes out his whole group, a strange software known as the System selects him as its only player and grants him the exceedingly uncommon ability to level up in strength, perhaps beyond all known boundaries. Follow Jinwoo on his quest to uncover the mysteries of the dungeons and the actual source of his powers as he battles all kinds of foes, both human and monster.

Solo Leveling is without a doubt one of the most popular Korean manhwas on the globe. Millions of fans across the world love watching Jin-path Woo’s from low-level hunter to top-tier hunter.

Everyone wants to see an anime version of the Korean Manhwa series since it has grown so popular. Many fans feel that if Solo Leveling becomes a reality, it would quickly overtake My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and other anime in terms of popularity.

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The plot in Solo Leveling is both continuing and promising. The plot focuses on Sung Jin-Woo, a relatively weak hunter who struggles to become an S-rank hunter with ultimate skills. After a few days, Jin-Woo stumbles upon a D-rank dungeon that appears to be considerably stronger.

Jin-Woo is prepared to accept death in front of him. Then comes the greatest part: he doesn’t die, but rather gets a mystery skill that allows him to read a task log, much like in games. He may accomplish tasks and get stronger as his rank rises, much like in the games.

The whole world wants him as his ranks and powers rise, but he simply wants to be a Solo Leveler. That will be his legacy. The anime would be just too interesting and enticing to watch. We strongly advise you to read it!

Solo Leveling Anime Characters/Cast

There is no official information about the cast since the anime itself is not officially talked about. However, we will introduce you to the main characters. Remember them!

Sung Jinwoo is the main character in Solo Leveling. Originally an infamously poor E-Rank Hunter, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime when he was chosen as the Player of the System, bestowing upon him the incredibly rare ability to level up in strength beyond all known boundaries. 

As a consequence of taking advantage of the System’s possibilities, Jinwoo finally came to power as the new Shadow Monarch and the world’s strongest hunter.

Antares was the Monarch of Destruction and the King of Berserk Dragons. He was also the most powerful Monarch and the last foe in Solo Leveling.

Antares battled alongside the other Monarchs in a terrible war against the Rulers under the command of their creator, the Absolute Being, eons ago. Despite their valiant efforts, the Rulers were eventually victorious when the Shadow Monarch Ashborn vanished after slaying the Demon King Baran, forcing Antares and the other remaining Monarchs to seek sanctuary in the fissures between worlds.

After this, Ashborn returned and asked Antares if he may rejoin the party. Antares readily accepted his request because the other Monarchs were still weakened by their defeat at the hands of the Rulers and needed time to regain their abilities.

Centuries later, when the human world’s battle with the Rulers resurfaced, Antares found himself in the same predicament as Ashborn, unable to find a human vessel powerful enough to completely absorb his abilities. 

As a result, while the other Monarchs were able to locate vessels for themselves swiftly and roam throughout the human realm as they pleased, Antares was obliged to stay behind until a suitable vessel for himself could be discovered.

Thomas Andre is America’s strongest hunter and one of five National Level Hunters, ranking first in the world. He is a massive, muscular man with long blonde hair, red eyes, an unkempt blonde goatee, and several enormous black tattoos. Thomas is a self-assured person with a strong sense of community, an apparent fondness for Hawaiian shirts, and a great degree of confidence in his abilities.

Solo Leveling Anime Trailer 

You can watch the trailer that is allegedly only for the manhwa, and not for the animated version. However, here it is!

Where Can You Watch Solo Leveling Anime?

Netflix has recently made a concerted effort to become a top location for the anime scene. In addition to acquiring the streaming rights for anime such as My Hero Academia and the Seven Deadly Sins, the streaming site has released several original series.

What distinguishes Netflix is that it has always made daring decisions. For example, the streaming service just launched the anime Record of Ragnarok. The anime adaption is based on a manga series that has caused controversy due to its representation of Gods.

Even back then, Netflix had the guts to take on this hazardous initiative. So, despite all of the issues, there is no way the streaming platform would not choose Solo Leveling.

Several animation companies would be willing to animate the series if Netflix gets the upper hand. However, given the popularity of Solo Leveling, it would be ideal if companies such as MAPPA or Madhouse worked on the animation.

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