Some Fans Criticize Kinberg’s Potential Involvement with ‘Star Trek’ Because He Has Not Worked with Female Directors

Some Fans Criticize Kinberg's Potential Involvement with 'Star Trek' Because He Has Not Worked with Female Directors

There is no doubt that Star Trek is one of the best-known and most beloved science-fiction franchises of all time. The series has been a pioneering genre work that was both commercially successful and became a cult classic. Despite a few bumps here and there, the franchise as a whole is still alive and well, with several pioneering shows being produced in recent years, but the movie franchise saw its most recent work eight years ago when Star Trek Beyond was released back in 2016. We have recently reported that Paramount is looking into rebooting the movie series and that acclaimed filmmaker Simon Kinberg is currently in talks to lead the reboot as the main producer.

And while it had already been known, even before Kinberg’s potential involvement, that Toby Haynes, who directed episodes of the Star Wars series Andor, was attached to direct the new movie and that Seth Grahame-Smith was attached to write the script, some fans seem to have a problem with Kinberg joining the franchise.

Twitter (now X) is always a great place to express your opinion, and user Jeff Sneider (TheInSnider) has gone to the platform to express his dissatisfaction with Kinberg possibly leading the Star Trek movie series. Here is the post:

In case the link is broken for some reason, the Tweet said the following: “Paramount’s new STAR TREK producer Simon Kinberg has 25 movie credits on Wikipedia. How many of these movies were directed by women? You tell me…” Below the tweet was a PrintScreen photo of a Wikipedia table showing Kinberg’s filmography, which does reveal that he has only worked with male directors so far.

This does seem like a rushed reaction, from our perspective, really, especially since Kinberg came after a director had already been approached. As far as we know, the new movie is going to take us back to the very beginning, explaining how Starfleet was actually created and how and when humans first came into contact with aliens, which is a previously unexplored part of the franchise’s role.

Based on this, it seems that Kinberg has been hired to take the franchise into new territory, and it is somewhat unfair towards him to assume immediately that female filmmakers won’t be involved, at least this early. The fact that Kinberg has only worked with male directors so far tells us more about the industry itself than about Kinberg, so we don’t think it is fair to assume this at this point.

On top of that, Kinberg has not even been confirmed officially as the head of the movie franchise, so this doesn’t have to mean anything going forward. Knowing Kinberg, who has worked with a lot of great actresses in his career, including some major names, we don’t think that there will be any gender bias there going forward, but regardless of our opinion, it is bad to not give Kinberg a chance and to dismiss him so early on.

Sure, we understand that people can feel strongly about certain topics, but assuming such things so early on simply doesn’t make sense. That is why we call for patience and ask you, do you think that Kinberg is a good choice for the franchise? Do you think that we will see female filmmakers in Star Trek in the future?

Don’t hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments below!

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