‘Spice and Wolf’ Light Novels To Get Another TV Anime Adaptation


The Japanese light novel fantasy series Spice and Wolf by Isuna Hasekura are getting an all-new TV anime adaptation. As of now, specific information such as if the anime will continue from the previous TV anime series, broadcast date, cast members are not yet known. The teaser video was released on Spice and Wolf’s official website.

Here is the 40-second teaser video with the tagline, “Shall we embark on a journey again?” 

The first light novel volume was released in February 2006. Since then, Spice and Wolf have had 23 volumes in circulation and has sold over millions of copies. ASCII Media Works published the manga adaption of the fantasy series from 2007 until 2017. The manga has 16 volumes. Then from 2008 to 2009, Spice and Wolf’s TV anime adaption aired with a total of 26 episodes, including two OVAs. 

Now, fans can expect another TV anime adaptation for the well-known fantasy series about a merchant and a god. Since its release in different media types, Spice and Wolf has received positive feedback for its unique fantasy plot that goes beyond the typical magical beings. This series touches on economics, trade, finance, and much more. 


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It follows the adventures of protagonist Kraft Lawrence, a 25-year-old traveling merchant, and his companion Holo, a neglected harvest wolf god. Together, the two unlikely pair travel around a fictional world in their horse-drawn cart trading goods and spices. 

On the official Twitter account of the upcoming anime adaptation, fans shared their thoughts on the exciting news. While some fans were thrilled for a whole new adaptation, others wished that it would be a sequel and pick up from where the previous anime ended. However, overall, everyone received the news with open arms. 

Source: Comic Natalie 

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