Spy x Family: What Is the Underworld & Who Are Its Members?

Spy x Family: What is the Underworld & Who Are its Members?

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Many interesting characters appear in SPY×FAMILY, and while the major focus has always been on the protagonist trio – Loid, Yor, and Anya – numerous side characters impacted the series. But other aspects are quite interesting, and some of the organizations seen in SPY×FAMILY are also quite intriguing. The Underworld is one such organization, especially since it is connected to the fates of Olka and Gram Gretcher, and that is why we have decided to tell you all that you need to know about the Underworld and its members.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Undeworld is the name of an underground organization from Ostania that the Gretcher family initially ran in a very honorable way, but it seems that it is currently a criminal organization.
  • After an internal conflict, the Gretcher family members were eliminated, and with Olka and Gram being the only ones left, Leonardo Hapoon took over the organization and ordered the two of them killed.
  • Not much is known about them now, but based on Hapoon’s actions, the Underworld is not going to be an honorable organization anymore, but that remains to be seen in future chapters and arcs.

Despite the name, the Underworld was not a criminal organization

One of the most prominent families in Ostania, the Gretcher family, has some history there. Her responsibility was to smuggle food to the people living on the streets of Ostania; her father and her family headed the Underworld in a very honorable manner overall. This is how she first met little Zeb. She gave him a piece of bread in return for his unwavering allegiance, which would later be demonstrated when Zeb chose to put his life in danger to aid Olka and her son in escaping Ostania.

So, what transpired then? Her father and her siblings died as a result of an internal disagreement, even though her family performed a great job of leading the Underworld. This finally resulted in the organization’s leadership changing, with Leonard Hapoon assuming control and declaring his intention to eradicate the Gretcher family entirely.

Soon afterward, Olka and her infant son, Gram, were targets of a bounty. Olka had to escape with her son for this reason, but it was difficult because assassins were present everywhere. She decided to escape the country on Princess Lorelei, but she required assistance getting through the journey because she knew Hapoon would attempt to kill her there.


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The Shopkeeper, a friend of her father’s and the head of the Garden, an elite organization of assassins, was the next person she saw. Olka knew she could talk to her father for assistance because he had previously assisted the shopkeeper, so that’s what she did. The Shopkeeper agreed to the assignment out of gratitude for Olka’s father, even though the Garden didn’t typically undertake it. Olka was also assured of safety during her voyage.

And that is the story of the Underworld. We know that Olka, Gram, and Zeb will eventually escape safely and that Hapoon’s plan will fail, but the organization isn’t addressed afterward. We can assume that under Hapoon’s leadership, the Underworld has been transformed into a criminal organization, something much different from what we’ve seen, but we’ll have to wait and see if that will end up having any impact at all on the plot of SPY×FAMILY.

Known members of the Underworld

In this section, we will present the members of the Underworld, individually or by grouping them based on their role in the hierarchy.

Gram Gretcher Senior

Gram Gretcher Sr. was the leader of the Underworld, as well as the leader of the Gretcher family. Along with his sons, he ran the organization until all of them were killed as part of an internal dispute. Later, Leonardo Hapoon took over the Underworld and set out to kill his only remaining kin, Olka and Gram.

Olka’s brothers

Olka had two unnamed brothers, who were in charge of running the Underworld alongside their father. They were both killed during the same internal dispute in which their father also lost their life.

Olka and Gram Gretcher

Olka was Gram Sr. only daughter and she was supposed to take over the organization, which was usurped by Hapoon. She had a baby boy, Gram, with whom she escaped out of Ostania when Hapoon put a bounty on their heads.

Olga’s husband

Before the internal dispute, Olga was married and we can assume that her husband was also a member of the organization, but he died at one point, so she was left a widow with a baby boy.


Zeb was a young boy when he first met Olka. He had been living on the streets, and when Olka gave him a piece of bread, he swore to be eternally loyal to her. He later joined the Underworld as one of its most loyal members. When Olka’s and Gram’s lives were in danger, he immediately went with them to the cruise ship to help Yor protect them and get them out of Ostania safely.


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Leonardo Hapoon

Leonardo Hapoon is a member of the Underworld who is, by all means, responsible for the internal dispute that ended up in the deaths of Olka’s father and her brothers. He is a very mysterious figure, and we do know that he is a criminal, but his true intentions are still a mystery. We know that he took over the organization after eliminating the Gretchers and that he organized the failed assassination of Olka and Gram. As far as it is known, he is currently still in charge of the organization.

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