‘Star Trek’ Movie Franchise to be Rebooted, Simon Kingberg in Talks to Produce

'Star Trek' Movie Franchise to be Rebooted, Simon Kingberg in Talks to Produce

Star Trek is one of the best-known and most beloved science-fiction franchises of all time. The series, when it originally began, was a pioneering show that was both commercially successful and became a cult classic. The following the series has is enormous, and despite the fact that not all iterations have been equally good, people really like Star Trek, and people always want more. The franchise as a whole is still alive and well, with several pioneering shows being produced in recent years, but the movie franchise saw its most recent work eight years ago when Star Trek Beyond was released back in 2016. Paramount has been looking into reviving the movie series, and it seems that things are looking good right now.

We know that the plans for a movie reboot have been active for a while now, but it seems that the reboot movie series has only just found a way to progress further, with Paramount currently in talks with a popular filmmaker about heading the project.

We’ve heard a lot about a new Star Trek movie already. The J.J. Abrams series was not initially said to include only three movies, but it turned out that Beyond was the final one in the trilogy. Paramount did not give up on the franchise as a whole, but a new movie was never made and after some time, it became apparent that Paramount was planning on making a shift, i.e., that Abrams’ series was over, meaning that the series would ultimately be rebooted. And that is the direction we are heading in.

Namely, it is known that Toby Haynes, who directed episodes of the Star Wars series Andor, is attached to direct the new movie, which is in development at the time of writing, although in the very early stages of production. On top of that, we know that Seth Grahame-Smith is attached to write the script, and from what we know, the new movie is going to take us back to the very beginning, explaining how Starfleet was actually created and how and when humans first came into contact with aliens, which is a previously unexplored part of the franchise’s role.

From what we know, and this is the major scoop we have for you, Paramount is currently in talks with filmmaker Simon Kinberg, who would produce and head the project for the studio. Kinberg is known for his work on the X-Men franchise, so he definitely has experience, and we actually hope that that we will get to see him take over this franchise as well. It seems that the Star Trek movies are heading in a new direction, so we will keep you informed about everything!

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