Starfox vs Eternals: Who Would Win and Why?

Starfox would be able to defeat the Eternals thanks to his manipulation powers. Sure, he wouldn’t probably win against them every time, but he can use his emotional manipulation powers on them without any restrictions, which certainly gives him an edge against the Eternals, who are not resistant to his powers.

Speaking of Starfox vs Eternals, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers and abilities in more detail and see how the fight between Starfox and Eternals would play out.  

Starfox and His Powers

Starfox, whose real name is Eros, is a comic book character, created by Mike Friedrich (writer) and Jim Starlin (writer and artist), published by Marvel Comics. His first appearance was in Iron Man (Volume 1) #55 in the form of a brief cameo, but the real debut was made in the Captain Marvel #27 comic book, where he helped the Avengers and Mar-Vell fight his evil brother Thanos.

He later became a permanent member of the Avengers while Roger Stern was writing the stories, in Avengers (Volume 1) #230.

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Physical Abilities

Starfox is a member of the Eternals, which gives him a lot of specific abilities right off the bat. His body has been strengthened by cosmic energy to age much slower than most humanoids. He is superhumanly strong and resistant to damage and immune to earthly diseases.

He can withstand falls from great heights or repeated blows with superhuman strength that would severely injure or kill a normal human without hurting himself. He is by no means invulnerable, however, and can be injured by weapons made of common materials such as bullets or knives.

His general resistance to injury is somewhat less than that of the average Eternal, but like any Eternal, he possesses exceptional healing abilities and, as mentioned earlier, immunity to any earthly disease.

Psionic Abilities

Starfox can psionically stimulate the pleasure centers in the brains near him, making them calm down and open to the suggestions of his persuasion.

As a target, Starfox can use this euphoric high to make one or more people fall in love with objects or people of their choosing, or simply to make others feel comfortable around you, Brother Thanos, even if it is you, it has other limited effects on him.

His psionic powers are common to all Eternals to some degree, but he has developed them in his own way. Starfox’s mental powers do not work on beings whose brains do not have a pleasure center.

Now, this is the most important aspect of Starfox’s abilities, as it enables him to manipulate the Eternals. Although the Eternals do have a similar power like Starfox, although severely limited, they are not immune to Starfox’s powers and abilities, which gives him a great position in the case of a potential fight.

Now, how he could use those powers if several of the Eternals attacked him at once is debatable, but he would certainly give the whole lot a lot of trouble. Individually? They wouldn’t really stand much chance, as Starfox would be able to manipulate them easily before they even launched an attack. This is why Starfox is such a formidable foe.

Eternals and Their Powers

The Eternals are a fictional race of superhumans featured in Marvel Comics. They are described as a separate branch of the evolutionary process that produced intelligent life on Earth. The original explorers of this process, the alien race of Celestials, wanted them to be the protectors of Earth, which led to the inevitable war against their destructive opposites, the Deviants.

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Physiology and Biology

Because of the cosmic energy that permeates their bodies and the almost indestructible mind control they have over their physiological processes, the Eternals are virtually immortal on Earth. They live for millennia, do not tire with physical exertion, are immune to disease and poisons, and cannot withstand the extreme cold and heat of their environment.

Most of them cannot be harmed by conventional weapons, and even if they are, an Eternal can regenerate any damage quickly as long as he is able to maintain a mental hold on his body; however, this mental link can be broken.

The 2006 series also revealed that Eternals can absorb oxygen directly from water and therefore cannot drown. In the same series, Ikaris is submerged in molten metal and suffers great pain but no physical injury, which the deviants attribute to a force field protecting Ikaris even when he is unconscious.

However, it is not certain that all Eternals have the same level of protection. In the past, the official limit on the durability of Eternals was that they could only be permanently destroyed if they dispersed a large portion of their body molecules over a large area on a much larger scale.

In 2006’s Eternals Limited Edition, it is shown that even complete molecular dispersion is not enough to destroy an Eternal.

As long as “the Machine” (a restoration device of Celestial origin; perhaps Earth itself) continues to function, every destroyed Eternal will eventually return, as was the case with Ikaris after it was completely vaporized in a particle accelerator as part of a series of “experiments” deviants conducted there.

The Eternals only have a child every 1000 years. A child of Eternals and human parents is more common, but the offspring do not inherit powers from their Eternal parents.

Psionic Powers and Other Abilities

The Eternals can channel the cosmic energy contained within their bodies and are all potentially capable of performing or gaining a number of superhuman abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: Their power limit can be increased after years of focusing some of your energy for this purpose.
  • Flying through the air (and levitating other people and objects).
  • Mind Reading and Mind Control.
  • Creating Illusions.
  • Teleport across great distances, though most Eternals prefer not to use this ability, as many find it awkward or uncomfortable (as well as significantly depleting their supply of cosmic energy, as evidenced by the 2006 series).
  • Transform items, changing both their form and composition (the range of this ability may vary from Eternal to Eternal).
  • Create force fields that make you invulnerable to damage.

Sersi, for example, has developed the power of transmutation more than any other Eternal. Also, some Eternals focus their cosmic energies on other, non-standard abilities. Ikaris, for example, channels his cosmic energy to dramatically enhance his senses, while the Intruder uses his to terrify others and Makkari for high speed.


In addition, groups of Eternals, three at a time, can initiate a collective transformation into a “gestalt” (mental structure) called Uni-Mind, an extremely powerful psionic entity that combines all powers and contains the abilities of all beings it possesses. Some Eternals focus on a particular power to increase its effectiveness.

Starfox vs Eternals: Who Would Win?

Now that you look at everything we’ve said, it seems that this comparison is easier than we initially thought. This is a result of Starfox’s inherent powers, which are very different and, what is more important, effective against all the Eternals.

Namely, we know that Starfox’s manipulation powers have a limited effect on Thanos, but as far as the other Eternals are concerned, there is a significant influence that Starfox can have on them. Luckily for them that he is on their side.

Sure, in terms of other powers and, especially, physical strength, Starfox is inferior to a lot of the Eternals, but the ability to manipulate their emotions gives Starfox the edge over them.

And that is why Starfox is stronger than the Eternals. Would he win every time? Probably not, but for the purposes of this comparison, we can state that he would be the winner.

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