Stephen Amell Takes the Lead in ‘Suits L.A.’

Stephen Amell Takes the Lead in 'Suits L.A.'

The ‘Suits’ family is getting bigger with a fresh series called ‘Suits L.A.’ Stephen Amell, who we all remember as the Green Arrow, is stepping into the role of a high-powered L.A. lawyer. This new show is all about the glitzy and gritty world of entertainment law in Los Angeles.

Amell’s character, Ted Black, is a former New York prosecutor who’s now rubbing shoulders with the elite in L.A. He’s got charisma and isn’t afraid to put himself first. About 15 years back, he teamed up with his old pal Stuart Lane and set up a law firm that’s all about criminal and entertainment law. Now, they’re facing a big crisis, and Ted’s got to step up in a way he never thought he would.

This isn’t just another lawyer show. ‘Suits L.A.’ is set in the same universe as the original ‘Suits,’ but it’s not a sequel or a reboot. It’s a whole new story with new faces and new drama. Aaron Korsh, the brain behind the original series, is back to produce this one too, along with David Bartis, Doug Liman, and Gene Klein.


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The move to L.A. and a focus on entertainment law means we’re in for some juicy stories. Ted’s firm is at a breaking point, and he’s got to navigate some tough waters to keep it afloat. He’s surrounded by a crew that’s loyal, but they’ve got their own drama that mixes into their work life.

Deadline shared the news about Amell leading the cast, and fans are buzzing. After ‘Arrow’ wrapped up and his stint on ‘Heels,’ Amell is jumping back into a leading role. Plus, with ‘Code 8: Part II’ on the horizon, it’s a busy time for him.

‘Suits L.A.’ promises to bring all the charm and challenge of the original series but with a sunny L.A. twist. It’s a fresh start in the same world we’ve grown to love, with all the sharp wit and legal battles you’d expect. Get ready for some intense courtroom drama and a peek behind the curtain of Hollywood’s legal battles.

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