Stranger Things Coordinates To Rifts To The Upside Down Revealed

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We all know that Stranger Things is one of the greatest series in the history of Netflix, as it is arguably the show that put Netflix originals on the map. That said, the popularity of Stranger Things has led to a global event that fans could participate in. This event comes in the form of the rifts to the Upside Down, which is the dimension where the demons and monsters of Stranger Things come from. In that regard, let’s look at where these rifts are located.

Where Are These Rifts Located?


Stranger Things is a global sensation that fans love because of how it combines all of the right elements of a good series in one good show. It has been one of the best and most popular Netflix originals for years, as we have seen the characters grow in front of our eyes. And due to its popularity, Stranger Things had its own global fan event.

During the week of the Stranger Things season 4 release, there were cryptic coordinates that showed up on social media in relation to the upcoming season of one of the greatest Netflix originals in history. And the thing about these coordinates is that they are actually the locations of what we know as the rifts.


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Stranger Things relies heavily on the rifts, which are gateways or portals that lead to the extra-dimensional plane called the Upside Down, which is where the different demons and monsters of Stranger Things come from. The very premise of Stranger Things is that a rift has opened up in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. This rift has allowed different creatures from the Upside Down to invade Hawkins, and it is now up to a group of kids and their teenage friends to stop it.

That said, the global event of Stranger Things season 4 involves different rifts that have “opened up” in select locations all over the world. And these locations are some of the most iconic landmarks all over the globe, as this fan event basically allows fans to see the Upside Down opening up in front of their very eyes.

The locations of the rifts include the Empire State Building in New York City, Bondi Beach in Australia, Duomo Square in Milan, Gran Malecón de Barranquilla Malecon Barranquilla in Colombia, The Gateway of India in Mumbai, Menara Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Al-‘Ula National Monument in Saudi Arabia, Calle Gran via 28 in Madrid, Cologne Media Park in Germany, Xbox Plaza in Downtown LA, Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm in Sweden, Shoreditch, London, and Tokyo, Japan.

Meanwhile, here are the coordinates that appeared on social media:

  • US – NY Empire State Building 40.7411° N 73.9894° W
  • Italy – Piazza Duomo Square, Milan 45.4642° N, 9.1897° E
  • ANZ – Bondi Beach 33.8922° S 151.2748 °E
  • Poland – Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland (50.0541° N, 19.9354° E) and Vistula River
  • Japan- Tokyo
  • India – Gateway of India, Mumbai
  • Germany – Cologne Media Park 50.94765°N 6.944213°E
  • Malaysia – Menara Kuala Lumpur 3.1528° N 101.7038° E
  • Saudi Arabia -Al-‘Ula National Monument 26.6893°N 37.9816°E
  • UK – Shoreditch, London 51.52557°N 0.07854°W
  • Spain – Bilbao, Barcelona, and Madrid
  • Bilbao, Pais Vasco (43°16′08″N 2°56′03″O)
  • Calle Gran via 28, Madrid (40°25′13″N 3°42′07″O)
  • Madrid Plaza del Callao (40°25′12″N 3°42′20″O)
  • US – Los Angeles ( XBOX Plaza @ LA Live)
  • Colombia – Gran Malecón de Barranquilla (10.9971° N, 74.7705° W)
  • Netherlands – Utrecht, Hoogh Catherijne
  • Nordics (Sweden) – Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm (WGS84 59°18’57.9″N 18°4’17.9″E)

The New York City rift began when a clock that counted down the release of season 4 of Stranger Things emerged on the Empire State building as this very same clock also counted down the emergence of a rift on the same building. Meanwhile, after the countdown, the rifts opened up simultaneously in the different locations we talked about.

How Are These Rifts Achieved?

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We all know that the rifts in Stranger Things are supernatural events that open up gateways to the Upside Down. So, if that’s the case, how are the rifts in the Stranger Things fan event achieved?

Of course, the only way to achieve such a spectacle is to make use of technology. The rifts in the coordinates we indicated above are not actually real rifts (obviously) but are just projections of rifts. These projected rifts are created using light technology that was designed by the renowned light show designer named Marc Brickman. And all of these rifts in the different locations all over the world are achieved using different types of technology.


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For example, the rifts in Europe and the Middle East were achieved using different tech that involves analysis of projected views and playback technology in relation to lighting and audio. On the other hand, the ones in Asia and Latin America were created on the iconic landmarks using a projection mapping system, some smoke machines, and some lighting effects that were able to simulate a somewhat realistic rift.

All of these rifts lasted for 15 minutes and were looped for two hours during the global fan event. In that regard, we do hope that fans that were in those locations were able to catch these rifts. Hopefully, there were no demons or Demogorgons that came out of the rifts.

Stranger Things season 4 part 1 is currently out, and each episode is more than an hour long. The seven-episode release can be quite a marathon to binge through, but fans of the series won’t mind how long the episodes are.

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