Stranger Things Season 4: Who Will Die in Volume 2?

Stranger Things Season 4: Who Will Die in Volume 2?

The Netflix mega-hit Stranger Things, took unexpectedly long to produce the last few seasons. With the unusual gap of three years between Seasons 3 and 4, the fans are dying (pun intended!) to see the final episodes. So far we know that season four will debut in two parts, which are divided into Volume 1 (consisting of seven episodes) and Volume 2 (only two episodes included).

While Volume 1 has arrived on May 27th, we’re going to have to be a little patient, as Volume 2 will be released on July 1st. Just like the co-creator Ross Duffer told Variety; this season is darker, and we should be “concerned” for characters heading into the final episodes. Following a more ambitious storyline that’s packed with Vecna’s menacing threats, evil Russians, and their prison in Kamchatka, the drama has been elevated to new heights. There is a sort of an ominous feeling that this time, perhaps, our beloved characters may face an unhappy ending. All of this leads up to an inevitable question – who will die in Volume 2?

It is most likely one of the young adult characters will die; either Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, Eddie, or Argyle. Along with them, the most expendable characters are Murray Bauman and Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov. As for the kids, we can assume it might be either Max or Eleven – but nothing can be sure.

Even though Vecna promised to deliver nothing less than a carnage, it might be far stretched to think a handful of characters will die at once. One is sure, though – death is on the horizon. Keep on reading to find out which of our beloved characters are most likely to die in Volume 2 of Stranger Things!

Steve Harrington


With Steve being sucked into the Upside Down world and being severely injured by demonic bats (demobats), it only makes sense he might be the first one to die. The attack left many fans believing he was injured or poisoned beyond recovery, especially since he dodged death several other times in prior episodes. His death will probably be a heroic one though, as he slowly started changing from a hot shot to the characters’ older brother who is always risking his life to save his friends. Steve’s death would be one of the most shocking deaths in Stranger Things, since killing the favorite babysitter, boyfriend, and ‘brother’ would prove that no other character is safe.

Nancy Wheeler


In the final episode, we can see Nancy being in a trance, which can only mean she’s Vecna’s next victim. Apart from that, she would also do anything she could to protect and save her brother and friends. Even though she has finally reunited with Jonathan, it seems she still has hidden feelings for Steve. When Steve jumped into the Lovers’ Lake, she didn’t hesitate to follow him. By doing that, she managed to put herself into another dangerous situation.

Maxine (Max) Mayfield

From the start, it was hinted that Max has been suffering from Vecna’s curse, way before Vecna has even been fully introduced. Due to her nightmares, she had trouble sleeping, but also suffered from horrible headaches which helped build suspense about what will happen next. In the latest episodes, she almost ended up dead. But, Dustin, Lucas, and Steve managed to pull her out of Vecna’s mindspace by playing her favorite song. There is an ominous feeling lingering in the air that she just might not be saved this time.


Every Character That Died in Stranger Things (By Season)

Eddie Munson


Even though Eddie has just been introduced in Season 4, fans are already dreading his possible death. This quick-witted Hellfire Club leader has quickly become one of the most loveable Stranger Things characters, but his chances of survival are close to that of Bob Newby’s. Although there is a possibility he might end up being the hero, it seems like these kind of characters are made to be liked, but then face an inevitable fate of being brutally ripped from the show.

Jonathan Byers


Jonathan, being protective and kind, is also one of the most expected characters to die. Not only is he extremely devoted to Nancy, but he is also willing to do whatever it takes to save his brother Will and Hawkins from the evil that’s lurking beneath. Willing to throw himself under the bus for his loved ones, Jonathan’s devotion might be the reason for his death in Volume 2.

Murray Bauman


Although Murray has always been looked down upon because of his eccentric theories, he became one of the most loved characters. From always being down to help Joyce and Hopper, to knowing Russian and being exceptional in Karate, this quirky eagle-eyed journalist has proven to be a complete badass… which is exactly why he could be the next one to die in Volume 2. By being close to Joyce, he is pulled into extremely dangerous situations. Not only that, but he is also among the most charming characters, which makes fans think he might be the next target.

Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov

DmitriAntonov 1

In these few last episodes, Dmitri switched from being vastly disliked to being amongst the favored. His death is somewhat expected, as he is one of the most expendable characters. But, it is still unknown what might happen; his streak of luck might even last, helping him escape Demogorgons and Russian authorities repeatedly.



Argyle is the most laid-back character Stranger Things has ever had. He is mostly seen smoking marijuana and listening to music in his van while delivering food. Nevertheless, he can surely save the day when it is needed! Since he is one of the least important characters in Eleven’s rescue gang, it may not be a shocker that he might die in Volume 2.

Eleven (Jane Hopper)


Last, but not least, fans are fearing the death of the most potent character in Stranger Things – Jane Hopper, also known as Eleven. Even though it may seem to be least likely for her to die, there is a big possibility she might. Her tirelessly working on regaining her powers doesn’t mean she will defeat Vecna – battling him could still prove fatal. With the majority of the show revolving around her, her death would give the final season the most meaning, as it would mean doom for Hawkins and all humanity.

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