‘Stuck Together’ Review: When COVID-19 Struck

'Stuck Together' Review

The Parisian comedy flick ‘Stuck Together’ is a pretty interesting movie that portrays the chaos the coronavirus pandemic caused when it struck the world in 2020. 

Just like the many different households spread across the globe, the various families living in the same apartment are from varied walks of life, each with their own load of challenges to tackle and problems to solve. Just like the nations of the world, some are better equipped, the first world supremacies of the globe, while others can barely handle the immense weight of the pandemic, as observed with the third world countries. ‘Stuck Together streaming on Netflix from October 20 is a fantastic allegory for what life was and has been since the beginning of the pandemic and the various ways and stages people have adapted to cope with the deadly virus.

This comedy flick is directed by Dany Boon from a script he co-wrote with Laurence Arne with the two also joining the ensemble, which boasts some more prominent faces in French cinema such as Yvan Attal, François Damiens, Liliane Rovère, Elie Semoun, and Jorge Calvo among many other new and upcoming talents in the industry. The characters are as diverse as humankind, and each has their own ideologies and values.

Stuck Together review

While there are those whose perceptions and views of life are over the top with the assumption that no one in their right mind would conform to them, there are others who audiences can 100% relate to. Most of the characters’ flaws are pretty reasonable given the circumstances they find themselves in, and the clash amongst the diverse group of presumed loonies is hilarious.

The actors are great, and their performances are very relatable and convincing. They portray a wide variety of emotions ranging from joy to sadness to rage and frustration. They exhibit magical chemistry to the extent that one can already sense that they have dwelled in this situation for a very long time before the movie even reaches the climax.

‘Stuck Together’ is as real as can get and doesn’t shy away from showing that despite the bonds friends and families share, they are still human beings and don’t always agree on everything or get along at all times. The central theme highlights how people’s perceptions of each other shift when a crisis bangs into their lives and how having to spend too much time bundled up all together days on end can drive a wedge into seemingly healthy relationships.

Many families, marriages, and unions fell apart during the lockdown as people realized that they couldn’t stand spending too much time with the people they considered by significant others or loved ones. While other bonds grew stronger and those involved found ways to co-exist with each other in a lovingly healthy manner peacefully.

Following the story keenly, one realizes that the characters never lose hope in life despite the immense effects of the pandemic. They put their everyday daily lives on hold, make sacrifices along the way, and amidst all the hardships and the tussles, crucial life lessons are learned either about tolerating each other generally or understanding each other’s temperament and how to best live peacefully together for an unaccustomed extended period.

One key takeaway for the characters and the audiences alike is that if the pandemic had never happened, the characters would never have realized how hard it is to live with each other for a long time and how one can adapt and recondition to accommodate other people who have different personalities, perceptions, ways of life and even preferences. It enables the characters to embrace their humanity instead of focusing on their selfish interests.

At the onset of the pandemic, the characters are lost, paranoid and terrified, but they hold on to hope, which sees them through those tough times. This aspect mirrors the real world where people sometimes give up hope resulting in violence, ditching their humanity, or even taking their own lives as they consider things too difficult to handle. However, ‘Stuck

Together’ teaches audiences that everything is possible, and no storm is built to last as long as people stick together and learn to be mindful and care about each other. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel despite how grim the current situations seem.

Even though this title is about a deadly virus that completely messed up the world, it is a delightful movie to watch. The narrative has its ups and downs, but still, it is an enjoyable watch. There is plenty of action and humor spread throughout the running time. For instance, it’s really funny when the grandma offers the little boy a tot of alcohol, and he uses it to sanitize his hands.

Also, it is hilariously painful when the doctor tries to get the nose swab with the giant cue tip, and his screaming rings a disturbing bell in the memories of every single person who took the test. There is a slight exaggeration, of course, but still fantastic. This flick has excellent suspense and puts audiences at the edge of their seats as they wait in anticipation to witness what happens next.

The cinematography is quite decent. The shots introducing the apartment are great, the close-ups bring up the emotions, the dialogue is wittingly presented, the music spells bellows of laughter, the action shots are excellently put together, and the overall pace is fast and steady. 

Stuck Together manages to drive its crucial point home. It is not purely about how people react to an unforeseen circumstance that happens to be deadly and contagious. Instead of drawing outside help, it confines people into one location for an extended time. It is a way of exploiting how people can relate and unite or tear each other apart when they all have to survive together as a unity.

This comedy flick is amazingly relatable and worth every single minute spent watching it. The simple fact that one is a human being, especially one who went through the COVID-19 era, qualifies this movie as a definite must-watch.

SCORE: 7/10

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