Sydney Sweeney on Some of Her Past Roles: “Was I proud of all of them? No.”

Sydney Sweeney on Some of Her Past Roles: "Was I proud of all of them? No."

Basically, everyone knows Sydney Sweeney at this point. The young actress has had a string of successful projects after her breakout role in HBO’s Euphoria. We on Fiction Horizon have written about her more than once and with her new film, Immaculate, currently airing in theaters, Sweeney is often talking to newspapers and magazines as part of her promotion of the film.

Immaculate is a horror film with a religious subcontext that follows a young woman called Cecilia who has to face the horrors and secrets of a convent in Italy that has become her new home. Sweeney has expressed her enthusiasm over the movie and the role on more than one occasion, but as IndieWire reports, the actress is not proud of all of her past roles and the influence she had over her characters.

This is what she said:

“As an actor, you audition for everything, and you just cross your fingers and hope and work hard to get in the room. Was I proud of all of them [or] super excited about all the characters? No. Did I wish I could make changes and be more a part of the process and be more assertive? Yes. But I was in no position to be able to do so.

I’ve been really lucky [that] most of the recent projects that I’ve been in in the last five or six years [were] with filmmakers who were collaborative. It’s a really amazing place to be.”

Source: IndieWire

This is certainly something that Hollywood is known for since young actors rarely have any input before their breakthrough roles. When they become proper stars, the situation changes and they have more liberty with their roles and some of the creative decisions. This is why modern-day actors have to take on roles they don’t really like before actually getting to those that fit them better. If you remember, Robert Pattinson is notoriously known for hating his role in the Twilight saga, but has since had some epic appearances in movies such as The Lighthouse, Tenet, and The Batman.

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