Sydney Sweeney Will NOT Be Starring Alongside Johnny Depp in the Upcoming ‘Day Drinker’ Movie, Despite Recent Rumors

Sydney Sweeney Will NOT Be Starring Alongside Johnny Depp in the Upcoming 'Day Drinkers' Movie, Despite Recent Rumors

It has been a fun and exciting day for rumor lovers and fans of Sydney Sweeney, as a rumor broke out and was then refuted by the actress’ representatives. Namely, earlier today, casting information revealed that popular young actress Sydney Sweeney would be playing the main role in the upcoming supernatural thriller Day Drinker directed by Marc Webb, alongside Johnny Depp, one of the more controversial names in Hollywood today. But, it seems, this was a wrong piece of information, as Sweeney and her representatives denied the claim, causing a bit of a scandal.

We don’t really know much about the whole project, aside from what the early rumors have told us. The 500 Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man director signed on to direct Day Drinker back in 2022. Depp has been confirmed to star in the movie, with Zach Dean writing the script.

And while the movie is not listed as being released anytime soon, as his next project, the live-action version of Snow White, is releasing next year, morning broke with news that Sweeney had been cast alongside Depp. The actress herself reacted to these rumors on Twitter (now X) later during the day:

In the meantime, Sweeney’s representatives were quick to deny this news as rumors, and some Twitter users even posted comments about being “attacked” by her representatives for not labeling the information as rumors. It seems that Sweeney’s representatives think that starring with Depp might result in negative publicity for the actress, which is why they were so quick and so vehement in denying it.

This comes off as somewhat ironic, seeing how Depp was cleared in the highly-publicized Amber Heard trial, but while he is slowly getting back to Hollywood, it seems that he is still somewhat of a persona non grata, so even rumors become problematic. Be that as it may, Sweeney is not going to star in the movie alongside Depp and that is the official information we have as of the time of writing this article.

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