Sydney Sweeney Will Portray Legendary Boxer Christy Martin in Upcoming Biopic

Sydney Sweeney Will Portray Legendary Boxer Christy Martin in Upcoming Biopic

Syndey Sweeney is currently one of the most in-demand young actors generally. She has just recently come off the hit rom-com Anyone But You and horror pic Immaculate, but that doesn’t mean that the young actress is taking a rest. No, as things stand, Sweeney has decided to tackle yet another genre, as she has signed on to portray legendary American boxer Christy Martin in the upcoming biopic produced by Black Bear. The movie is going to be presented to buyers in Cannes and it might be one of the biggest scoops of the festival this year.

In case you’re not familiar with the name, Christy Martin is a true legend of female boxing. Known as both “the Female Rocky” and “The Coal Miner’s Daughter,” she was a legend of American female boxing in the 1990s and one of the most successful female boxers in history. She was the first woman to sign with iconic boxing promoter Don King, and the only female boxer to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, as well as the first woman in the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. She was a charismatic personality who broke boundaries, which is why her story is so inspiring.

The movie is going to be directed by Australian filmmaker David Michôd, who is best known for acclaimed movies such as Animal Kingdom and The King. He also co-wrote the film with Mirrah Foulkes (Judy & Punch), and Martin herself collaborated with them on making the project come to life. As for the producing side, the film is going to be produced by Kerry Kohansky-Roberts (Boy Erased) for Anonymous Content, Michôd for Yoki, Justin Lothrop and Brent Stiefel (As You Are) for Votiv, Sweeney for Fifty-Fifty Films, and Teddy Schwarzman for Black Bear.

In an exclusive talk with Deadline, Michôd has said the following about the upcoming project and its story:

“I have a history of making movies about damaged men and I’d been wanting to make a film about a woman with a ferocious energy inside her. When I came across the Christy Martin story two years ago I knew I’d found it. Her ferocity is intelligible and justifiable and audiences will crave it because of the circumstances she was forced to endure.


The film is about Christy as a young gay woman in small-town West Virginia in the 1990s. She came from a relatively conservative family and wasn’t allowed to be who she was so she used boxing as a vehicle to express herself and her rage. She had to make some dangerous and fundamental compromises in her life, the most important of which was marrying an incredibly dangerous man.”

Source: Deadline

Sweeney herself was also asked to comment on the role, and here is what the young actress told Deadline during the talk:

“I grappled and did kickboxing from 12-19 years old. I’ve been itching to get back into the ring, train, and transform my body. Christy’s story isn’t a light one, it’s physically and emotionally demanding, there’s a lot of weight to carry. But I love challenging myself. Christy Martin not only legitimized female boxing, she overcame gender stereotypes, and fought through emotional, physical, and financial abuse. I’m passionate about the fighting world, Christy’s story shines a light on her incredible rise to the top while showing the struggles of fame behind the curtains. I feel compelled to tell a story about a woman who faced so much adversity and didn’t allow it to defeat her. It’s powerful, and emotional.”

Source: Deadline

Everyone seems to be thrilled about the upcoming project, and it seems that the sports drama genre is going to get another great movie. We will certainly be following this story, so be sure to stick around with us if you want to know all the news and updates related to this upcoming project.

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