‘System Crasher’: Channing Tatum Cast in US Reboot of Successful German Drama

system crasher

The original System Crasher follows the story of a 9-year-old Benni on her wild quest for love, while her untamed energy drives everyone around her to despair. Benni is being repeatedly moved around child-services homes due to her troublesome behavior, so she earns herself the nickname “system crasher”. The movie gained instant recognition in Europe and is now getting a US reboot, staring Channing Tatum.

MGM has acquired the rights to remake the German film and Nora Fingscheidt, who wrote and directed the original, will also be the executive producing the reboot. The script will be written by Garret Levitz, the producer of the latest Tatum’s movie Dog, released in US just a few days prior, on February 18, 2022.

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System Crasher was Finscheidt’s first feature film for which she spent five years doing the research for. The research included living or working in residential groups, in a school for educational support, an emergency accommodation centre and a child psychiatry unit. During that time, Finscheidt talked to staff at institutions and agencies as well as child and youth psychologists.

Her ultimate motivation for the movie was to raise awareness for children like Benni. Although Finscheidt’s career before System Crasher consisted solely of documentaries, in the press release for the movie, she stated that for this story, she “wanted to create a wild, high-energy audio-visual cinema experience that made no claim to be a record of reality”, since “the reality is much worse.”

The director of the movie is yet to be announced.

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