How Are Witchers Chosen?

How Are Witchers Chosen?

Witchers are mutated monster hunters in the fantasy world created by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Witchers are highly trained in combat and they develop supernatural abilities at a very young age that help them fight against wild monsters. But the process to make a witcher is extremely agonizing.  They are taken as children and are subjected …

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Why do Geralt and Ciri Have White Hair?

Is Ciri Stronger Than Geralt?

The hit Netflix series The Witcher has become known for its elaborate plots and mythical characters. Two of the most prominent and interesting characters are notably Geralt, the main protagonist, and Ciri, his adopted daughter. So, many fans are wondering is Ciri stronger than Geralt? Ciri is essentially a goddess of Elder Blood in hibernation, …

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