Takt Op Destiny Fans Are Freaking Out Over Anna Kissing Takt

Anna and Takt Kiss

Takt op Destiny episode 11 that aired on December 15, was full of action, strong emotions, and a twist at the end.

Many fans who were closely following the story were shocked by the events of the episode when out of nowhere, Anna kissed Takt. The entire Takt op Destiny Fandom had sailed Takt x Destiny ships for quite some time now, many fans were low-key about what happened while others were heartbroken.

Though it was clear for quite some time that Anna had some sort of feelings toward Takt but we always assumed those were of a big sister caring for her younger siblings, Anna is two years older than Takt, she is 20 years old while Takt is 18.


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Now even though one kiss doesn’t mean that she actually has romantic feelings toward him, some fans pointed out that she was just in the heat of the moment, after she was how injured Takt was before going into another battle she rushed toward him and kissed him, Anna hugs Takt after kissing him and admits that she doesn’t know why she kissed him.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 11 Complete Recap

Following their total exhaustion from fighting Sagan and Musicarts, Charlotte asks the crew to keep Takt and Destiny in a cryogenic state while she searches for a cure. Meanwhile, Sagan pierces his hand on a Black Night Siderite crystal, causing huge crystals containing pods of D2s to erupt all over New York Symphonica.

In the second season, an evil group known as Titan continues to pursue after Takt and Destiny. They are welcomed by a massive number of D2s, despite destroying them, making Takt even weaker. Elsewhere, Valkyrie combats D2s while protecting Anna and Charlotte, and the two groups are rejoined.

Takt instructs Titan to take Valkyrie, Anna, and Charlotte to safety, causing Anna to impulsively kiss him before he and Destiny depart for Sagan. Jigoku emerges with a wounded Tengoku and uses her tuning fork to puncture the pair’s bodies, dissolving them before reassembling them as the single Musicart Orpheus.

Series Synopsis

The night when the black “Kuroya Meteorite” fell, the world was altered. On that day, strange creatures known as D2 emerged from the meteorite and began to terrorize the population. As D2 became drawn to music played by others, “music” itself. However, those who opposed the monsters emerged. They are known as “Musicart,” female musicians who harness music’s power. They have mastered all of humanity’s great operas and musical scores and use them to combat the D2.

Source: Crunchyroll (Edited)

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