‘Takt Op. Destiny’ to Get a Mobile Game, Orchestra Concert in June 2022


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The 12-episode anime Takt Op. Destiny aired its final episode entitled “Takt-Hope” on December 22, 2021. The sci-fi music anime began airing on October 6, 2021. It garnered positive feedback from fans around the globe. 

According to Comic Natalie, Takt Op. Destiny will be releasing a mobile game called “Takt Op. Unmei wa Akaki Senritsu no Machi o,” which roughly translates to “Takt Op. Destiny is in a Crimson Melody Town.” The game’s pre-registration began today, and fans of the hit anime can follow the official Twitter (@takt_op) for instructions on how to pre-register. 

You can watch the game commercial below:

The game will have a different story than the anime. 

There’s also an ongoing campaign where five lucky individuals will receive an autograph of Kaede Motowatari on a special paper. To join the campaign, you’ll need to follow the official Twitter account of Takt. Op and retweet the campaign tweet. The campaign will run until December 28, JST. 

Click below to see the campaign tweet: 

In addition to the news on the upcoming mobile game, an orchestra concert featuring the anime’s original soundtrack will be played at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo on June 19, 2022. Footages from the anime will play during the concert. Takuma Ishii will be playing the piano, with Mayu Sakaki as the conductor. 


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Not only that, all 44 original soundtracks from the anime will be released on February 22, 2022, on CD.  The CD will come in two formats, a standard and a limited edition one.

Source: Comic Natalie

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