Tasha Huo Takes on the Challenge of Writing Live-Action ‘Naruto’ Movie

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The anime world is buzzing with excitement as Tasha Huo, renowned for her work on ‘Red Sonja’ and the ‘Tomb Raider’ animated series, has been announced to take on the script for Lionsgate’s live-action ‘Naruto‘ movie. This revelation came from Variety’s ‘10 Screenwriters to Watch for 2023,’ highlighting Huo’s rising prominence in the industry.

Lionsgate’s journey to adapt ‘Naruto’ has been a long and evolving process. The Tracking Board Hollywood news website first broke the news in 2015 that Lionsgate had secured the rights for the manga’s live-action film adaptation. They were in talks with Michael Gracey, known for directing ‘The Greatest Showman,’ to helm the project. A year later, at the Jump Festa event, it was confirmed that Lionsgate and Gracey were working on the film with the involvement of Masashi Kishimoto, the original creator of ‘Naruto.’

The production has seen various key figures involved over the years. Producers Avi Arad, associated with ‘Hollywood’s Ghost in the Shell,’ and his son Ari Arad were initially reported to be part of the project. In 2017, scriptwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber, known for their work on ‘Red’ and ‘Red 2,’ joined to rewrite the screenplay.


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Gracey’s commitment to the project was evident when Collider reported in 2018 that the team was still fine-tuning the script. The director emphasized the importance of ensuring the film resonated with Kishimoto’s vision, reflecting a dedication to staying true to the original manga.

Huo’s involvement is a significant step in bringing ‘Naruto’ to life on the big screen. Her past experiences in adapting iconic characters and intellectual properties show her capability and passion for such ambitious projects. Huo considers it a privilege to adapt beloved characters and stories, expressing that such tasks come naturally due to her pre-existing passion for the material. She believes in using genre and spectacle to explore intimate human stories, a skill she has honed over her career.

With Huo at the script’s helm, fans of ‘Naruto’ can look forward to a movie that not only brings the beloved characters to life but also stays true to the essence of the original manga.

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