First Teaser Trailer Offers an Exciting Glimpse Into ‘The Count of Monte-Cristo’ Movie Magic

The Count of Monte-Cristo 2024

Hot on the heels of their success with ‘The Three Musketeers’, Pathé and Chapter 2 are bringing us a thrilling new adventure with ‘The Count of Monte-Cristo’. Starring the talented Pierre Niney, this film dives into the classic tale of Edmond Dantes, a man wrongly imprisoned who emerges to seek revenge as the wealthy Count of Monte-Cristo.

The story unfolds with Dantes arrested on his wedding day, a victim of a cruel plot. After enduring 14 years in the grim Château d’If, he escapes and discovers a fortune that fuels his transformation into the avenging Count. Set to hit French theaters on June 28, this movie promises a mix of adventure, love, and vengeance, making it a must-watch.

According to Variety, the directors Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patellière describe the film as a blend of genres, with a strong romantic thread. They see Edmond Dantes as a superhero of sorts, moving from light to darkness to right the wrongs done to him.


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The film boasts an impressive cast alongside Niney, including Anaïs Demoustier and Laurent Lafitte, with M6 Films and Fargo Films co-producing. The team behind the camera is just as stellar, with Delaporte and de la Patellière not only directing but also writing this epic tale.

The Count of Monte Cristo
Image source: Variety

The anticipation for ‘The Count of Monte-Cristo’ is building, especially with the creative force of Delaporte and de la Patellière at the helm. They’re known for their ability to weave complex narratives, and this project is no different. They aim to honor the original story while adding a fresh cinematic twist.

Pathé’s CEO, Ardavan Safaee, calls the film the ultimate story of betrayal and redemption. It’s clear that everyone involved is passionate about bringing this iconic story to life. As we wait for the release, the teaser and poster alone are enough to get us talking about what’s to come. This movie is shaping up to be an epic adventure, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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