’Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Recap: Here Is What You Need to Know Before Season 3

ted lasso 2.season 2 recap

Ted Lasso is a popular American TV comedy-drama that has won the hearts of many fans since its first episode in 2020, and the notable show released its first episode of the third season on the 15th of March. The fans are excited, but the years of success and accolades, notably at Emmys, prompted many people to see why Ted Lasso is highly regarded among other TV shows. Of course, being a series on the Apple TV+ streaming platform, Ted Lasso today has 22 episodes available (without counting the first episode of season 3), making it easily “bingable.”

Since season three just started, we decided to bring you a recap of Ted Lasso’s season two to prepare you for new episodes of the upcoming season three. The adventures of the AFC Richmond team and their coach Ted Lasso will be presented adequately, mentioning the most crucial moments of the season that will be important in the new season of Ted Lasso. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

Ted Lasso Season 2 recap

As we already mentioned, the Apple TV+ comedy series Ted Lasso returned on the 15th of March with the new season three. The show starts with Rebecca Welton, a new English football club AFC Richmond owner, hiring Ted Lasso, an American football coach. The hiring was out of the blue, but it was revealed that Rebecca did it to destroy the club because it had been under the ownership of her ex-husband Rupert Mannion. 

Season one revolved around Ted Lasso trying to save Greyhounds from relegation to the second tier of English football. Unfortunately, the dreaded game against Manchester City leaves Richmond in the “gutter,” and the team is relegated from English Premier League.

’Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Recap: Here Is What You Need to Know Before Season 3
Ted Lasso discovers many traumatic parts of his past that affected his mental health for years.

Season two sees Ted Lasso as his typical self, but viewers finally see the passionate coach’s problems. Mental health is heavily featured in season two, with some characters vastly changing their alliances and making decisions that will shock many AFC Richmond club members. Fans argue that season two of Ted Lasso is better than the first, and I agree. Let’s mention key moments of Ted Lasso season two.

Sports psychologists help Ted reveal many things about his past.

The team tries to get through the disappointment of the bad season that ended up in relegation, and Ted and his coaching staff decide to do their best to get promoted once again. However, during the game against Nottingham Forest F.C., Dani Rojas accidentally kills a dog name, Earl. Dani is devastated, prompting the club to hire a sport psychologist, Dr. Sharon Fieldstone. 


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Sharon’s role in season two is significant for players’ mental health, especially for Ted, who realizes that his traumas were deeply hidden within him and the main cause for his anxiety. Therapy sessions with Dr. Fieldstone helped Ted realize that his marriage was far from good, resulting in Michelle’s divorce.

Roy Kent is a new coach for AFC Richmond.

One of the biggest plot points of season two is the appointment of Roy Kent as one of the coaches for AFC Richmond. The former leader and player of the team has retired after a career-ending injury against Manchester City, and afterward, tried to find his calling and future career. His retirement promoted Isaac to the team’s new captain, which his teammates welcomed.

’Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Recap: Here Is What You Need to Know Before Season 3
Roy Kent became a new assistant coach for AFC Richmond.

Roy’s appointment to the coaching position created ripples through the team in good and bad ways, making some characters feel left behind. Unfortunately for some fans, Roy’s coaching job and Keeley’s new job at the PR firm pull them away from each other, and their relationship seems on the cusp of ending towards the end of season 2.

Sam and Rebecca find each other but separate because Rebecca needs to find herself first.

Season two also had an important arc for Sam, who realizes that team’s sponsor, Dubai Air, is responsible for pollution in his home country of Nigeria. Great arc for Sam, whose determination and will fight for people who need it, made him one of the better parts of season two. 

’Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Recap: Here Is What You Need to Know Before Season 3
Sam and Rebecca’s relationship was short-lived in season two.

One of the biggest surprises last season was the relationship between Sam Obisanya and Rebecca Welton after being matched with Bantr, Ted Lasso version of Tinder. After a platonic meeting for dinner, which was supposed to be a pleasant conversation between two people, Sam and Rebecca get together. 


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However, when Rebecca’s father dies at his funeral, Rebecca ends it all by telling the younger man that she needs space and time to recover. 

Nate turns his back to AFC Richmond and Ted.

Nate’s journey through season two was rocky, to say the least. The barely-covered resentment towards AFC Richmond and Ted Lasso made him finally turn back on his team and join West Ham, under the ownership of Rupert Mannion, the previous owner of AFC Richmond and ex-husband of Rebecca. Nate’s journey from team’s kit man to assistant coach for the team was interesting, but his game-saving decision to change the team’s tactics mid-game to “park the bus” doesn’t change the way he thinks of himself.

Nate’s insecurities are deeply rooted inside himself, and he constantly tries to get approval from his never-satisfied father. It doesn’t help that Nate is severely jealous of Ted, whose positive outlook on the game and passion urges the team to try harder.

’Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Recap: Here Is What You Need to Know Before Season 3
Nate Shelley vs. Ted Lasso – former colleagues will be at the center of the conflict of season three.

Rebecca’s father’s funeral reveals many things, but the whisper from Rupert to Nate and “You’re welcome” opens the door for Nate’s departure from AFC Richmond and joining West Ham as the new manager. Now greyhaired, Nate is last seen leading his new team’s training and establishing a new conflict in season three.

We have much to look forward to in the new season of Ted Lasso, and frankly, we couldn’t be more excited about it. How will Ted and Richmond hold themselves against their former team member, what will Rebecca do with her life, and will Roy and Keeley end their relationship for good? We will find out soon enough – starting from the 15th of March.

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