Tension and Turmoil Await in Netflix’s ‘Leave the World Behind’ Debut Trailer

leave the world behind trailer

Netflix is known for its groundbreaking content, and its latest offering is no exception. The highly-anticipated ‘Leave the World Behind’ boasts a powerful ensemble and a thrilling narrative. And if the debut trailer is anything to go by, this film promises to deliver intense post-apocalyptic suspense.

‘Leave the World Behind’ draws from Rumaan Alam’s novel. Sam Esmail, known for ‘Mr. Robot’, is the mastermind director behind this film. Besides directing, he also penned and produced the gripping psychological tale. Given the plot and Esmail’s reputation, the buzz is strong.

The movie boasts big names. Julia Roberts, also a co-producer, stars as Amanda. Mahershala Ali, stepping in for Denzel Washington, plays George “G.H.” Washington. The ensemble is further enriched with Ethan Hawke, Myha’la Herrold, and the iconic Kevin Bacon.

Delving into the plot, we’re introduced to a family vacation on Long Island. What starts as a peaceful getaway is soon disrupted by the unexpected arrival of two strangers. They bear the unsettling news of a mysterious blackout. As time passes, the looming threat becomes more tangible. Both families find themselves grappling with the choice of how best to navigate this impending crisis and their place in a world that’s slowly crumbling.


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The making of the film has its own intriguing story. Netflix secured the rights to Alam’s book in July 2020. At first, Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington were picked to lead and produce. But by September 2021, Washington left, and Mahershala Ali stepped in. They began shooting in Long Island in April 2022. Some parts were filmed in a house by The Up Studio, and more in Katonah, New York.

One of the things that personally excites me about ‘Leave the World Behind’ is Netflix’s dual-release strategy. This means that the film will grace select theaters on November 22nd, offering audiences a chance to experience the tension on the big screen. And for those who prefer the comfort of their homes, the movie will be available for streaming on Netflix by December 8th.

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