‘Terror on the Prairie’: ‘The Mandalorian star Gina Carano Stars in New Movie


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Seems like The Daily Wire is keeping their promise of making moves. They released a teaser for their next movie Terror on the Prairie starring Gina Carano. This is Carano’s first project since she exited The Mandalorian after being fired.

Right after she was fired from the hit Star Wars show, Carano was scooped up by conservative media house The Daily Wire for their next film project. Carano had been fired by Lucas Films after she posted on social media comparing anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers to being treated the same as Jewish people were treated in Nazi Germany.

The Daily Wire pledged to be the home for actors and actresses who find themselves on the other side of the so-called cancel culture for speaking their mind. The Daily Wire started its film production stage by making its first movie Run, Hide, Fight. Yesterday, they released their second film Shut In and it was during this that they released the teaser for the next film – a western.


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The teaser sees the mixed martial arts artist-turned actress return to the screen. In this teaser we see Carano brandishing a shotgun while trying to fight an attacker who has a knife to her neck. ‘I’m going to pack the wagon and take our children out of this god-forsaken place,” her character can be heard in this clip.

The Daily Wire was co-founded by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boering, and Caleb Robinson. Speaking about the film, Boering said,

“When people hear that a conservative media company has entered the film business, they’ll often assume we’re making either hyper-politicized movies or milquetoast dramas, but we have no interest in producing Hillary’s Hard Drive Part III or Christmas Romance in the Rockies. We’re making top-quality entertainment that all Americans can love.”

The script for the film was written by Josiah Nelson and directed by Michael Polish. It stars Gina Carano, Nick Searcy, Cowboy Cerrone, Tyler Fischer, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, Heath Freeman among others.

The film is produced by Carano, Dallas Sonnier, and Amanda Presmyk. Shapiro, Boering, and Robinson are credited as executive producers The Daily Wire, Nicolas Chartier, and Jonathan Deckter for Voltage Pictures. Danielle Cox and Travis Mills are also executive producers.

The film is due to be released this summer and will be available for streaming only on DailyWire.com exclusively for subscribed members. Meanwhile, the teaser can be seen below

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