‘The Acolyte’ Fan Theory Suggests that Aniseya’s Coven Might Be One of Many Such Covens

'The Acolyte' Fan Theory Suggests that Aniseya's Coven Might Be One of Many Such Covens

Disney’s most recent Star Wars project, The Acolyte has been on Disney+ since June 4, 2024, and despite all the controversies and review-bombing, the series is still one of the most talked about shows as of the time of writing, as the fans are actively discussing the series and many theories related to its characters.

Internet users are still discussing every facet and event from “Night,” the fifth episode, which offered us a plethora of intriguing situations. The show also drew a lot of comments on the Internet. Even though we’ve previously covered a few topics from this episode, this report will address a theory regarding the role of the Sith in The Acolyte, which might be bigger than everyone expects.

The theory we are going to discuss today was presented by Erik Voss on the New Rockstars YouTube channel in a video in which he discusses and breaks down the fifth episode of The Acolyte, suggesting that some of the Easter Eggs we might have missed from the episode confirm his theory that the Sith are much more powerful and cunning than it seems at this point in the lore’s evolution.

Now, before we actually present the theory to you, we have to warn you that this is just an individual theory by a fan. It is based on strong evidence and arguments, but ultimately, it is just a theory and not something that can be considered canon or official. It is, nevertheless, an entertaining one, and we want you to enjoy it, so here is what Voss states:

“Sol says: ‘Show your face.’ ‘And let you read my thoughts? No, no, no.’ Interesting, we were reminded of Magneto using a helmet to block out Professor X’s telepathy, a detail that was actually established for the live-action X-Men films but later adopted into comics cannon. This also suggests that Sol and other Jedi Masters of this era are capable of mind reading?”

The Acolyte, in episode 2? Does this kind of mind reading require intentionality and concentration that Sol wouldn’t waste on someone he just assumed was a smuggler? And the fact that the Sith is still worried about it, now… What more is he hiding from Sol?”

“I’m thinking that the process of invading minds like this, as mother Aniseya did to Torbin in Episode 3, requires some degree of eye contact and that this mask, in addition to its cortosis, has other properties to obfuscate Jedi perception.”

“I think this Sith, on Plagueis’ instruction, brought that coven to Brendok and helped advance their thread abilities, helped incarnate life of twins in Coral’s womb, on this planet with old Sith ruins, maybe from an ancient Jedi-Sith War, so that he could help set up these witches as patsies to cover up his coming massacre of the Jedi and to keep the Sith hidden.”

“In fact, the Sith may have all kinds of patsies set up all over the place, and that all those splinter orders that Ki-Adi-Mundi talked about in the last episode were really just coverup jobs by the Sith as they continue to stay hidden over the decades.”

Source: YouTube

This seems like a solid conspiracy theory and knowing the Sith, this sounds just like something they would do! Voss gives very compelling arguments for his theory and while we don’t really know whether he is right or not, he definitely could be.

The Sith acting like this, out of the shadows and in fragments, hiding their presence while sabotaging the peace and doing their deeds behind the curtains, is exactly what we’d expect. Remember that, at this moment in the story, the Sith were nowhere near getting any real power.

Palpatine’s rise to power in the Republic would come later, so at the time, the Sith were just a myth, a group of radicals that the Jedi believed were extinct. And while the Sith are present, it is only natural for them not to reveal their presence at this time.

This is why it will be interesting, going forward, that is, to see how The Acolyte will handle this aspect and how the series will explain all these narrative aspects and connect them to the larger Star Wars lore and what is known about it. This is why we’re excited about the upcoming episodes of the series and will keep you up-to-date with everything that’s going on.

What do you think of this theory? Does it make sense, or is it too optimistic? Let us know in the comments below!

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