‘The Acolyte’s Upcoming Jedi vs. Sith Fight Breaks the Canon: Can It Be Fixed?

'The Acolyte's Upcoming Jedi vs. Sith Fight Breaks the Canon: Can It Be Fixed?

Disney’s new Star Wars project, The Acolyte premiered on Disney+ on June 4, 2024, and is still ongoing. Before the premiere, many of us were worried about how Disney’s new Star Wars project would turn out in the end. The critics are more or less satisfied, seeing a lot of potential in the series, while the fans are polarized, with some liking the show and others hating it. But, whether or not the issues that the fans have with the series are ideological or not, The Acolyte has caused an uproar in the Star Wars community due to several moments in the series breaking canon and that is, indeed, a major issue.

The Force birth, Ki-Adi-Mundi’s cameo, and now the upcoming fight between the Jedi and The Master, who is seemingly a Sith Lord… all these issues break the current canon of the franchise and they are something that the series will definitely have to address at one point if it wants to retain its credibility.

My dear colleague Valentina discussed the issues with the witches and Force birth, while yours truly talked about how Ki-Adi-Mundi’s cameo – while great – doesn’t make a lot of sense, even if we do stretch the canon a bit. The reason why this cameo makes no sense is related to the issue we are going to discuss here, and that it Ki-Adi-Mundi’s famous quote from The Phantom Menace, in which he famously states that the Sith had been dead for a millennium.

His cameo directly contradicts this, as The Acolyte is set about a century before the events of The Phantom Menace, so why would Ki-Adi-Mundi say that in Episode I if he had been faced with a Sith threat just a century before? Yeah, we’re disregarding the character’s age at this moment.

And this is the main issue with the upcoming fight. As we have discussed, The Master is a character who is – by all standards – a Sith. We don’t know anything about him as of this moment, but based on what we’ve seen, he is definitely a Sith Lord, and that is what the series wants us to believe. Of course, this could all be a red herring, but this is the current state of affairs. So, why is this an issue?

Well, for the same reason that Ki-Adi-Mundi’s cameo is an issue. If the Jedi – and we’re dealing with Jedi in The Acolyte – have indeed faced a Sith Lord about a century before Darth Maul’s appearance, why would the Jedi Council have been so skeptical about Qui-Gon’s claims? If you remember, when Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan told the Council that they had encountered a Sith Lord, some of the Council members were highly suspicious, with Ki-Adi-Mundi uttering his famous line.

On the other hand, The Acolyte sets up a world in which the Jedi faced a Sith just a century prior… if true, at least Master Yoda would have been aware of that, and even he was not quick to believe Qui-Gon at the time, although he seemed to be the least skeptical among the Council members. But we are heading into a Jedi vs. Sith confrontation in The Acolyte, and that is a major issue.

And while we will definitely have to see how the series will resolve this, we have to wonder – can it even be fixed? Well, there are still several episodes left, so there is time to fix the issue. The most obvious solution would be to make it that The Master is not actually a Sith Lord, but someone who is powerful with the Dark Side, although not someone who had officially been trained as a Sith. This means that he would probably not have any connection to Palpatine or any of the previous Sith mentioned in the franchise. This would also be the most silly decision because it would mean that The Master was nothing more than a red herring character from the beginning, and that would make him far less interesting than he is now.

Another way to go at it is more interesting and bold but also very, very grim. The fact that the Jedi Council never found out about The Master could mean that no one survived the encounter to report it. This would be a very bold take on the story, and it would mean that Disney really doesn’t want Star Wars to be just a kid-friendly show, but it would also be a very grim ending to the story, as it would mean that everyone there is – dead. Well, they are, because it’s been more than a century, but killing them off seems a bit dark, don’t you think? This would be very atypical of Disney, so – to be honest – we’re not really convinced that this is going to happen, but it is an option.

Aside from these two, we don’t see many other acceptable options. Another one is that the series will simply ignore these continuity issues, which will cause several other problems and mean that the series is, indeed, bad, so we hope that they won’t be going down this road, but we cannot exclude it.

Be that as it may, The Acolyte still has enough time to fix these canon-related issues. This probably won’t convince anyone to change their minds if they think the series is too woke, but it might change the minds of those who are watching the show because of its content and not the messages. What do you think will happen? Will The Acolyte be able to fix these continuity issues or not? Please, do not hesitate to provide us with your opinions and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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