A Theory Suggests that ‘The Acolyte’ Is Going to Kill Off at Least 5 More Jedi

A Theory Suggests that 'The Acolyte' Is Going to Kill Off At Least 5 More Jedi

Disney’s new Star Wars project, The Acolyte premiered on Disney+ on June 4, 2024, and is still ongoing. Before the premiere, many of us were worried, but the critics ended up being more or less satisfied, while the fans were polarized, with some liking the show and others hating it. The Acolyte has caused an uproar in the Star Wars community due to several moments in the series breaking canon, which is undoubtedly a major issue, and in this article, we are going to discuss a theory that states that The Acolyte is going to murder further Jedi in the series, which would make the series a very notorious one when the Jedi are in question.

This is a theory stipulated by our colleagues from ScreenRant, who have come up with a very reasonable approach and a theory that is as sound as it is grim, so we decided to tell you more about it.

The theory is actually related to the upcoming fight between the gathered Jedi and the Sith Lord known as The Master, which is set to be the highlight of the upcoming episode. This is certainly going to be an interesting moment in the series, as well as a very promising one, but let us see what our good friends from ScreenRant say about the fate of the Jedi:

The Acolyte episode 5 promises to feature some major lightsaber combat, though it will likely see the Jedi brutally outmatched despite having greater numbers against his powerful new Sith. Keeping that in mind, viewers should certainly expect to see multiple Jedi deaths in the near future. Following Kelnacca’s murder, there’s no way that all of these Jedi will survive. It’s a safe bet that at least five Jedi Knights will meet their end in the next episode; those who were just introduced in The Acolyte episode 4 and have yet to be named (or were only named in the credits).

The killing of multiple Jedi at once will certainly be a testament to the power of this new dark side user who will likely be revealed as a genuine Dark Lord of the Sith in future episodes of The Acolyte. That said, one can imagine that Osha will survive, having been thrown to the side while the Sith faced the team of Jedi. Likewise, it’s also safer to assume that Master Sol, Jedi Knight Yord Fandar, and Padawan Jecki Lon will all survive to continue the Star Wars show’s ongoing narrative. However, The Acolyte could certainly throw in some major plot twists by having one of these leading Jedi characters meet the wrong end of a red lightsaber.”

Source: ScreenRant

This theory seems pretty sound if you ask us and it makes sense. It’s not that we want to see Jedi killed off in the series, but it is highly unlikely that all of them are going to survive and since there is a solid amount of supporting characters here – as the theory states, they are those who have not been named as of yet – and such characters will probably be used to illustrate just how powerful The Master is and the fact that he poses a very big danger for the Jedi.

And this, honestly, makes sense from a narrative standpoint, despite the fact that it is a very grim story that is being told. Killing off major characters wouldn’t make sense, especially after developing them for some time, but at the same time, you have to prove that the enemy is indeed dangerous. This is why we have supporting characters and although the Jedi numbers will be reduced, it will have – ultimately – served a purpose.

Of course, this is only a theory and while we do agree with it, as it makes sense, it has yet to be seen what is going to happen in the upcoming episode, so be sure to stick around for all the updates!

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