Theory Suggests that a Powerful Female Sith Could Be ‘The Acolyte’s Mysterious Second Sith Lord

Theory Suggests that a Powerful Female Sith Could Be 'The Acolyte's Mysterious Second Sith Lord

Disney’s most recent Star Wars project, The Acolyte has been on Disney+ since June 4, 2024, and despite all the controversies and review-bombing, the series is still one of the most talked about shows as of the time of writing, as the fans are actively discussing the series and many theories related to its characters.

People online are still talking about everything that happened in show 5, “Night,” which gave us a lot of interesting moments and details. The show also sparked a lot of comments on the Internet. Even though we’ve already talked about a few specifics from this episode, we’ll also talk about a fan idea on the identity of the mysterious second Sith.

The theory we are going to discuss today was presented by Erik Voss on the New Rockstars YouTube channel in a video in which he discusses and breaks down the fifth episode of The Acolyte, suggesting that some of the Easter Eggs we might have missed from the episode reveal the identity of the now confirmed second Sith that is set to appear in the show.

Now, before we actually present the theory to you, we have to warn you that this is just an individual theory by a fan. It is based on strong evidence and arguments, but ultimately, it is just a theory and not something that can be considered canon or official. It is, nevertheless, an entertaining one, and we want you to enjoy it, so here is what Voss states:

“Jackie leaps after him smartly using her elbow to knock his helmet off instead of going after it with her saber, which would disable her saber, and just using her elbow works, and knocks off and there is a little moment when Jackie sees who is under the mask, but the rage has blinded her and she charges thinking he won’t be able to stop her.”

“But the Sith is waiting for her and he detaches his hilt into two sabers. But for there to be two blades there would have to be two kyber crystals so we can forgive Jackie for not foreseeing that as a possibility. Also, think about it: two weapons? Not only a move that he borrowed from her ignition of a second green saber earlier, but also a reflection of the power of one, the power of two, the Power of many.”

“And Jackie’s green blade retracts and now only red is reflected on her face, recalling the red glow that illuminated Harrison Ford’s face when Han Solo is killed by his son in The Force Awakens. Meanwhile, Sol is reaching out for his hand because he’s trying to catch his Padawan the way that he was able to save Osha both times when he nearly lost her. But this time, he is too late. “

“Now, by using a lightsaber this way, quick ignitions and retractions, to kill his targets turning his lightsaber on and off, this is a fighting style called TrĂ kata. TrĂ kata was also the favored form of Kreia, a.k.a. Darth Traya, whom Leslye Headland has said is one of her favorite characters from Knights of the Old Republic II, the master to Revan when he was a Jedi Padawan, and later the master to Darth Nihilus. “

Source: YouTube

Darth Traya is an exceptionally important character from the Star Wars lore, and an amazingly powerful female Sith Lord. Her fighting techniques are completely impressive and Voss thinks that this might foreshadow her appearance in the series.

Headland has confirmed that there will be two Sith Lords in The Acolyte. Qimir is the first one to be revealed, but it is quite obvious that he is not the Master. This means that there is someone behind Qimir in the series, and it could very well be Kreia.

The Acolyte has a very liberal approach to the canon, and with Ki-Adi-Mundi’s biography changed, we would not be surprised if Kreia’s canon story also divulges from the one we know from the video games.

As of the time of writing, though, this is merely a theory, but knowing that Kreia is one of Headland’s favorite characters and that there is another Sith Lord comping up in The Acolyte, we might just see her in the series after all, which would be amazing. But, it could simply be a nod to the character, as there are other theories related to the identity of the second Sith as well.

Would you like to see Kreia in The Acolyte? Let us know in the comments below!

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