‘The Acolyte’ Connects Osha to Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and Other Famous Force Users in a Particular Way

'The Acolyte' Connects Osha to Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and Other Famous Force Users in a Particular Way

Disney’s most recent Star Wars project, The Acolyte has been on Disney+ since June 4, 2024, and despite all the controversies and review-bombing, the series is still one of the most talked about shows at this time, which shouldn’t really come as a major surprise, seeing how much hype and controversy it caused.

Leslye Headland, the showrunner of the series, has been one of the main subjects of controversy because of the online uproar her remarks and responses provoked. Despite the criticism aimed at Headland and her choice, the show is still extremely talked about, and it seems to be building its own world by making good use of the lore.

The recent episodes put more focus on Osha, as she is now alone with Qimir, and it seems that the series is drawing from past examples, which is both good and bad, depending on how you look at it. Be that as it may, Osha has now entered the elite company of some famous characters like Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, and if you want to know how – just keep reading the article!

In short, in Episode 6, Mae did a classic switcheroo with Osha, who ended up alone with Qimir, where he is trying to… well… influence her, we suppose. It is highly likely that Qimir might think that Osha is the acolyte he is looking for, the acolyte that might bring him the freedom he so desperately wants.

At one point, Osha observes Qimir’s mask and he explains: “Cortosis, handy against lightsabers, but also a sensory deprivation headpiece. Like we used as younglings.” This confirms everything we’ve already written about his mask and its traits, but it seems that this particular scene also echoes many similar ones we’ve seen in the franchise.

Although this helmet has absolutely nothing to do with the ones used by the Jedi for training younglings, Qimir was not lying when he said that it was just Osha and the Force under it, nothing else: “It’s just you and the Force. And what you bring with you.” Sounds familiar?

Well, if it does, there is a good reason, as these words, as well as the visions Osha will most likely experience when she tries it on, echo many similar scenes from the franchise in which good Jedi experienced the powers of the Dark Side and not everyone made it out “alive.”

Chronologically, Anakin was the first one to experience visions of a dark future, and he was ultimately unable to fight them off, becoming Darth Vader in the process. Then, Luke Skywalker had a similar experience while training with Yoda, but he was able to realize the horror of these visions and ended up remaining a Jedi. Kylo Ren visited the same cave on Dagobah Luke did while training with Snoke, but he was unable to fight off the influence of the Dark Side, while Rey’s experience was surreal and enlightening.

Based on this, Osha is probably headed for a similar experience beneath Qimir’s mask, and we look forward to seeing how this plays out. It is a good moment for her development as a character, but we would’ve liked to see a bit more originality here, seeing how Osha will be the fifth major character to have such an experience, if it ends up being executed well, we are not going to complain!

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