“It Was Aga… All Along”? ‘The Acolyte’ Finally Reveals the Identity of The Master and Yes – We Were Right!

"It Was Aga... All Along"? 'The Acolyte' Finally Reveals the Identity of The Master and Yes - We Were Right!

Disney’s new Star Wars project, The Acolyte has been streaming on Disney+ since June 4, 2024, and despite all the controversies and review-bombing, the series is still one of the most talked about shows in the world, as the fans are going crazy over, well… almost everything that is happening in the show each week. The critics are more or less satisfied, while the fans are polarized, with some liking the show and others hating it. While the series definitely has issues, it also did bring us a lot of interesting details, although some of them broke the canon, which caused additional controversies.

One of the major aspects of the series is a character known as The Master, who is a powerful Sith Lord and Mae’s master. Many fans have speculated about The Master’s true identity, and we also provided you with our own two cents on the matter, in Episode 5, the series finally revealed who The Master is, and (sadly), we can confirm that we were right all along.

Episode 5 delivered on the promised fights and the foreshadowed bloodbath, but it also provided us with the identity of The Master. Was it a good moment? Well, we can debate about that. On the one hand, it made sense since it was a crucial moment going forward in terms of the story and prolonging it at this point wouldn’t have made much sense especially since the theories about The Master’s identity were correct. On the other hand, there are still several episodes to go and Headland has confirmed that she would like to see more seasons of the show, so they could’ve kept the mystery (and hope that it would be something cool and unexpected!) alive for a little bit. But that is not the major issue here.

Namely, as you might have assumed from our title, it has been confirmed that Qimir is actually The Master. Not that long ago, we provided you with our own theory about The Master’s identity and we said that while Qimir was the most apparent choice, he was also the most obvious, and in that aspect, the worst possible choice.

Qimir was an obvious choice because in-universe, no one would think it’s him (although everyone out-of-universe will think exactly that), and as we’ve said if it turned out that Qimir was indeed The Master, the show’s element of surprise would go down the drain immediately, as the biggest mystery will have turned out to be an obvious and completely non-mysterious one. That is why we were hoping that it was not Qimir, but sadly – it turned out that it is.

This might give Qimir the opportunity to evolve as a character, to evolve from being a goofy side villain into a proper danger, but it destroyed the whole mystery. Qimir was the most obvious choice and that is why it is a bad one we simply cannot be happy about this, despite the fact that we were right.

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