‘The Acolyte’ Episode 5 Soundtrack Hints at a Connection Between The Stranger and Kylo Ren

'The Acolyte' Episode 5 Soundtrack Hints at a Connection Between The Stranger and Kylo Ren

Disney’s new Star Wars project, The Acolyte has been streaming on Disney+ since June 4, 2024, and despite all the controversies and review-bombing, the series is still one of the most talked about shows in the world, as the fans are going crazy over each new episode, especially after several moments in the series broke the canon. But, it seems that the series is getting back on track with Episode 5, which is still the most talked-about piece of television at this moment. If you remember correctly, this episode introduced us to a series of interesting details about the world of The Acolyte, some of which have been received well, while others… not so much.

Some of the fans noticed that the end of Episode 5 features an interesting piece of music – namely, Kylo Ren’s theme from the Sequel Trilogy – which some have interpreted as a hint. Of course, the timeline is not the same, so don’t expect Kylo Ren to appear in any form, but there could be a connection between The Acolyte‘s main villain and the Knights of Ren.

The source of this information is a Twitter post, so definitely take it with a grain of salt, as this is just a fan theory that might or might not end up being true later in the series. At this point, though, it is merely speculation, but we wanted to analyze it for you, so here is where it all started:

The theory, as you can see, connects The Master (or The Stranger, or Qimir) to the Knights of Ren. If you remember correctly, the Knights of Ren were a group of Dark Side warriors who followed a special philosophy known as Ren; Kylo Ren was, of course, the most famous member of this group, but that’s not the topic here.

The music heard at the end implies, according to this theory, that The Stranger is related to the Knights of Ren somehow. Of course, he was not a member, but could he be the founder of their philosophy? Could he be the wielder of the Ren, the lightsaber at the center of their philosophy? We know that the Knights of Ren were founded during the time of the Empire and rose to prominence later, so there is no direct connection between them, but could he be connected to Ren, the one who established the philosophy?

The philosophy of the Ren is older than the Knights of Ren, and since this is, however you look at it, something new to the Star Wars canon, there is a lot of space to establish a new story. As far as his appearance is concerned, The Stranger definitely looks like someone connected to the Knights of Ren, and it could very well turn out that he is, indeed, related to them in a way. He could be a predecessor of their philosophy, the first owner of the Ren, or a relative of the human Ren… also, his appearance could explain why the Ren fancy helmets and masks so much.

On the other hand, establishing a connection between The Stranger and the Knights of Ren will force The Acolyte writers to do a lot of world-building, as they would have to explain how this faction survived through the Republic and the zenith of the Empire without anyone ever mentioning them; even Palpatine, who was notoriously known for his ability to sense everything and wanted all the power for himself, never mentioned them, even in passing. This is a potential issue that will need to be addressed if this theory proves to be correct.

Be that as it may, we’re in for a lot of exciting moments when The Acolyte is concerned, so be sure to keep following us for more news and updates!

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