‘The Batman’ Tie-In ‘Arkham Asylum’ Series Not Happening at Max

'The Batman' Tie-In 'Arkham Asylum' Series Not Happening at Max

Matt Reeves’ The Batman was a major success, but while it was always set in a separate continuity from the main DCEU at the time, it seems that James Gunn taking over and establishing the DCU influenced The Batman series in a major way, although this has not been confirmed officially.

Reeves is still working on his trilogy at Warner’s, but Gunn is also planning his own Batman movies that will be part of the DCU and it will remain to be seen how these two universes clash, especially since Reeves’ film was such a major success. The film also planned several television spin-offs.

The Penguin mini-series is moving forward, and the originally planned GCPD-based show was canceled and supposedly integrated into the planned Arkham Asylum series, but we have some bad news for the fans. Namely, it has been officially confirmed that the Arkham Asylum series is not moving forward on Max, and it is unlikely that the series will ever be made.

The fans have been hyped for Reeves’ Batman universe since its announcement, especially since Reeves was slated to deliver a dark series that was supposed to do justice to the Batman comics. The movie definitely delivered in that aspect, and an ambitious expansion was planned with several series.

Colin Farrell’s scene-stealing performance as The Penguin resulted in him getting a solo mini-series that is set to be released later this year. A GCPD-focused series inspired by the Gotham Central comic book series was also announced, as well as a series focused on Arkham Asylum. The GCPD series was soon canceled, but it was initially said that the concept had been merged with the Arkham series, and that the upcoming project would be an amalgam of the two.

Reeves originally described the show as “a horror movie or a haunted house that is Arkham,” and in October 2022, Antonio Campos signed on as writer and showrunner for the upcoming series. But then Gunn came, and the whole concept was revamped. Gunn did say that the project was still moving forward and that it would be part of Reeves’ separate universe, but as time passed, it became obvious that things were not as positive as everyone thought.

Recently, Variety reported that an insider with in-depth knowledge of the DCU’s evolution claimed that Campos’ version of the series was scrapped and that the project is not moving forward. It has been revealed, though, that another Arkham-based project might happen as the idea as a whole has not been entirely scrapped, but there are no immediate plans as of the time of writing. This means, of course, that you should keep following us for more updates!

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