‘The Batman’: Matt Reeves Discovers his Personal Connection to Iconic DC Writer

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The Batman premiere date is approaching and fans are overwhelmed with curiosity about Reeves’s take on the story. He promised to give the viewers a unique version of the Dark Knight and although his intention is to make the movie as original as he can, he vigorously studied DC comics to make sure he knew the material perfectly before enhancing it with its own ideas.

During this intense research, Reeves discovered his personal connection with one of the DC‘s iconic comics writer – Jeph Loeb. For Entertainment Weekly, he revealed that Loeb was his screenwriting teacher at USC and that it was him who encouraged Reeves to be a writer. He explains that two of the stories which had the greatest influence on his work (The Long Halloween and Dark Victory) were written by Loeb and Reeves only just realized it when he was digging into the material.

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“He was very responsible for me pursuing that because when I went to film school, I was very set on being a director. I’d always written what I was doing as a kid and when I was making short films when I was young because I thought these are the means to get to make a movie. And I never really separated the two. And then when I was in [Loeb’s] screenwriting class, he said, ‘You have to continue pursuing this because this is something I feel you can do.’ When I started going through all the comics and I saw that he’d written [them], I was like, ‘This is crazy.’ And then I loved it.”

The influence of The Long Halloween on Reeves’s directing is already evident considering it is a story which incorporates two mob families and a serial killer targeting them. This personal connection of the writer and the director only gives the story a new, rich dimension and makes us believe even more that the movie will be a success.

The Batman opens in theaters on March 4th.

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