The Batman Post-Credit Scene: Does It Have It & How Many?

In this day and age when different superhero movies coming from DC and other companies are dominating the box office, there are certain things that they tend to have in common. The post-credit scene is one such element that most superhero movies have. That said, The Batman is DC’s newest superhero movie. However, does The Batman also have post-credit scenes, just like how most superhero movies have?

The Batman does have a post-credit scene, but it isn’t the same post-credit scene that you often see in most superhero movies. This scene allows us to see a simple “Good bye” on the screen. This is a reference to the chats between the Riddler and Batman throughout the movie.

In a manner of speaking, there is and there is no post-credit scene in The Batman because the scene you will see isn’t exactly the same as the usual superhero movie post-credit scene. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this post-credit scene may be quite simple, we might want to look at what it means for the future of The Batman.

Does The Batman Have Post-Credit Scene?

Superhero movies have become the biggest blockbuster hits in today’s era because of the fact that they tend to appeal to a lot of different movie fans. Of course, this is why the slate for 2022 is already full of different superhero movies that are all going to produce nice results at the box office. In DC’s case, The Batman is the company’s newest superhero film.

As unique as each superhero film may be to other superhero movies, one of the most common elements that they tend to have is the post-credit scene, which usually makes an appearance after the middle credits. The post-credit scene or scenes is/are there to allow us to see something more about the possibility of a future sequel or tie-in involving the characters in the movie. So, in that regard, does The Batman have a post-credit scene?

Unlike their counterparts over at Marvel, DC tends to make us wonder whether or not there is a post-credit scene in the movie because not all DC superhero movies tend to have them. Meanwhile, the post-credit scene has become an indispensable part of a Marvel film. And that leaves us with The Batman.

In a way, The Batman does have a post-credit scene, but this is not the type of scene that is similar to what you usually get in Marvel superhero movies and in other DC movies. And as you will understand later, this isn’t even the conventional type of post-credit scene that will leave us wondering what’s next in store for the dark knight or whether or not there will be future installments and tie-ins.

How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does The Batman Have?

Another common element that most superhero movies tend to have is that they have two post-credit scenes that are unique from one another. The mid-credit scene tends to be the most common, as it allows people to stay for the mid-credits before leaving when the final credits start rolling. However, the final post-credit scene has also become a common element (particularly in Marvel films).

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But the thing about The Batman is that we only have one post-credit scene. It takes place at the very end of the movie and isn’t after the mid-credits because the movie doesn’t have a mid-credits scene. So, if you want to see this extra scene, you would have to wait until the very end of the credits before you are able to see it.

Is It Important To Wait For Post-Credit Scene In The Batman?

As mentioned, you would have to wait until the very end of the film to be able to see the post-credit scene because it comes after the final credits. This has become something of a norm for most superhero movie fans, as they don’t mind waiting. But is it important to wait for the post-credit scene in The Batman?

Those who aren’t patient enough to stay an extra ten minutes in the theater because they need to go for a toilet break don’t have to worry about having to wait for the post-credit scene in The Batman. That’s because this scene isn’t even important.

The purpose of most post-credits scenes is to allow us to see the future of the movie franchise or make us understand where it is headed in the possible sequels. There are even hints of possible tie-ins with other superheroes in the post-credit scenes.

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But, in The Batman, there is nothing about the future of the movie franchise hinted in the scene because we aren’t even given anything at all. It doesn’t show us whether or not there is going to be a sequel (even though it has all been confirmed that there is going to be one). As such, there is no need to worry about missing the scene.

What Is Post-Credit Scene About?

The reason why there is nothing important about the post-credit scene of The Batman is that it doesn’t even show us anything at all. And you will understand how it fits with the entire theme of the movie.

Without getting into the details, the movie is about Batman solving many of the Riddler’s rhymes and puzzles until he is finally able to communicate with the villain directly through the use of an old-school black and white chat app.

The post-credit scene follows that same theme by allowing us to see a green question mark on the very same interface that the chat app that Batman uses to communicate with the Riddler throughout a good part of the movie.

As the scene appears, we are greeted with a simple green question mark that ends with a “Good bye” message that has been seen throughout the movie whenever Batman solves the Riddler’s puzzles.

There are no characters or voiceovers in that scene, as we are only given a simple post-credit footage that doesn’t seem to give much. But we do feel like the message is giving us a hint that the entire movie is all a puzzle that the Riddler left for us to solve, as he signs off from the film with the “Good bye” message he uses whenever he signs off after Batman solves his riddles.

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