‘The Boys’ Actors Who Have Appeared in DC Comics Films & TV Shows

'The Boys' Actors Who Have Appeared in DC Comics Films & TV Shows

We know that The Boys is one of the most popular comic book series of all time, which is mostly due to the TV series being exceptionally popular; this, of course, increased the popularity of the comic book as well. At the same time, DC Comics is one of the two biggest comic book publishers in the world, and The Boys is, in part, satirizing their work as well.

While these two have very little in common in terms of their plots and characters (aside from the fact that some of The Boys characters are parodies of DC’s characters), there are several people that connect the live-action adaptation of The Boys, as well as the live-action and animated adaptation of DC’s comic books.

These are the actors and actresses who have appeared in both The Boys and DC’s live-action and animated adaptations and in this article, you will find out who they are and what roles they played.

1. Karen Fukuhara

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Karen Fukuhara is probably the biggest name on the list in terms of the importance of her characters for both franchises. In The Boys, she plays Kimiko, one of the principal characters, but she also plays Katana in DC’s Suicide Squad.

2. Jensen Ackles

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Jensen Ackles appeared as Soldier Boy in The Boys and while he has yet to make a live-action appearance in DC’s films, he has voiced Red Hood and Batman in the animated adaptations.

3. Giancarlo Esposito

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Of course, we all know that Giancarlo Esposito portrayed Stan Edgar in The Boys, but not many of you might know that the popular actor also voiced Lex Luthor in the Harley Quinn animated series.

4. P.J. Byrne

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Byrne played the role of Adam Bourke in both The Boys and Gen V, but you might also want to know that he provided the voice for Ronnie Raymond / Firestorm in the Justice League Action animated series.

5. Shantel VanSanten

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Shantel VanSanten, of course, appeared as Becca Butcher in The Boys, one of the more important secondary roles. But, you might want to know that she also played a role in The Flash, that of Patty Spivot.

6. Laz Alonso


Laz Alonso, of course, portrays Mother’s Milk in The Boys, one of the principal roles. But the actor also appeared in a very minor role in the movie Constantine, where he played a morgue security guard.

7. John Doman


John Doman appeared in a secondary role as Dr. Jonah Vogelbaum in The Boys, but he played a much larger role in the TV series Gotham, in which he played famous DC mobster Carmine Falcone.

8. Jack Quaid


Jack Quaid, of course, appears as Hugh “Hughie” Campbell in The Boys, one of the most important characters in the whole series. But, he also voices Superman in the My Adventures with Superman animated series, which is the series’ principal role. He also voiced Alberto Falcone in the animated film Batman: The Long Halloween: Part One.

9. Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently appeared in the enigmatic role of Joe “Monkey” Kessler, but DC fans will know that he played several roles in DC’s adaptations. He first appeared as The Comedian in Watchmen and then as Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman.

10. Malcolm Barrett

MB 1

Malcolm Barrett has appeared in several episodes of The Boys as Seth Reed, but in case you did not know, he also appeared in the TV series Preacher, based on a DC Comics title, where he played Hoover.

11. Brit Morgan


Actress Brit Morgan portrayed Rachel in just one episode of The Boys, and she also had a recurring role in the Supergirl TV series, where she played Leslie Willis / Livewire, appearing in a total of four episodes.

12. Jim Beaver


Jim Beaver had a pretty notable secondary role in The Boys, where he is playing Robert A. “Dakota Bob” Singer, but you might not remember that he also had a DC role in a very old movie. Namely, he appeared as Henry Barnes in the 1993 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman series.

13. Christian Keyes


Christian Keyes played a recurring role in The Boys, appearing as Nathan Franklin in several episodes. At the same time, he appeared as Desmond/Neron in Legends of Tomorrow.

14. Claudia Doumit


Of course, Claudia Doumit is known for her role of Nadia Edgar / Victoria “Vic the Veep” Neuman in The Boys, but she also appeared in one episode of Supergirl, where she played Beth Breen.

15. Patton Oswalt


You probably don’t remember Patton Oswalt in The Boys because he only voiced The Deep’s gills in the series, so he did not appear personally. As far as DC is concerned, he voiced a character named Eldon Michaels in Batman Begins, as well as Atom in Teen Titans Go!.

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