‘The Boys’ Renewed For Season 5 a Month Before Season 4 Premiere!

'The Boys' Renewed For Season 5 a Month Before Season 4 Premiere!

The Boys is one of the most popular superhero series in the world at this moment. The twisted take on the superhero genre, adapted from the comic book of the same name, became a major hit for Amazon Prime and a series that has pushed the boundaries of what can be shown on TV in more ways than one. After three successful seasons and a spin-off series, the fourth season of The Boys is coming back later this year, with the premiere scheduled for June 13, 2024 but today, a month before the upcoming season’s premiere, we have received confirmation that The Boys have been renewed for Season 5, which is absolutely amazing!

Not much has been revealed at this point, but Amazon has released a short teaser video featuring Kimiko, which confirms the renewal. As you might have guessed, we are going to show this teaser to you in the upcoming paragraphs.

Before we continue further, as per our usual tradition, here is the video in question, which you can check out for yourselves:

We don’t know, actually, how Season 4 is going to end, but it seems that Kimiko will survive the season, as she is the one who confirmed the new season, so we hope that this means that she will, indeed, survive. The Boys tend to be unpredictable, so no one is really safe, especially since the TV series doesn’t completely follow the original comic book series.

This is all that we have for you as far as Season 5 is concerned, so we can just reiterate what we know about the upcoming fourth season! As we’ve said above, The Boys are returning on June 13, 2024. The season will consist of eight episodes, just like all three previous seasons, with the first three episodes released on June 13, while the remaining five will be released every week on Amazon. The official synopsis for the season reveals the following:

In Season Four, the world is on the brink,” the official description of The Boys Season 4 reads. “Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under the muscly thumb of Homelander, who is consolidating his power. Butcher, with only months to live, has lost Becca’s son as well as his job as The Boys’ leader. The rest of the team are fed up with his lies. With the stakes higher than ever, they have to find a way to work together and save the world before it’s too late.

As for the cast, the returning cast members for Season 4 include Karl Urban (Billy Butcher), Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell), Tomer Capone (Frenchie), Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko), Laz Alonso (Mother’s Milk), Erin Moriarty (Starlight), Antony Starr (Homelander), Jessie T. Usher (A-Train), Chace Crawford (The Deep), Colby Minifie (Ashley Barrett), Claudia Doumit (Victoria Neuman), Cameron Crovetti (Ryan), and Giancarlo Esposito (Stan Edgar). Newcomers Valorie Curry (Firecracker), and Susan Hayward (Sister Sage), will also be joining, alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan in an undisclosed role. Maddie Phillips (Cate Dunlap) and Asa Germann (Sam Riordan) will also join the season from Gen V. The only question is whether Black Noir will be coming back or not, but we don’t have a confirmation of that fact just yet.

We are happy that the premiere is approaching, and we are going to be following up on this story, so remember to stick around if you want all the updates!

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