‘The Boys’ Season 4 Review-Bombers and Toxic Fans Are Ignoring the Fact That the Show’s Been Parodying Right-Wing Politics from the Beginning

'The Boys' Season 4 Review-Bombers and Toxic Fans Are Ignoring the Fact That the Show's Been Parodying Right-Wing Politics from the Beginning

The Boys is one of the most popular superhero series in the world, and its fourth season has been doing great since its June 13, 2024 premiere. The season is currently Certified Fresh with high ratings, and Amazon has reported that the series also saw an increase in viewership. On the other hand, a large number of dissatisfied fans are review-bombing the season due to its increased political undertone, but that doesn’t seem to bother the showrunners the least, as each new episode of The Boys keeps stabbing at someone or something new.

And with Season 4 being the most political in its satire so far, we cannot help but ask ourselves – where did the sudden hate come from? The series has been a platform for political satire since Episode 1, and we’re quite confused as to why the fans are suddenly hating it so much for its political satire when it’s been like that from the start. We are going to try to explain the reasons behind this in this text.

This is an opinion piece from someone who likes The Boys and who’s been following the series from the start, so don’t take this as a fact but rather as a series of arguments that can help kickstart a civilized discussion about the series and its importance. We’re not trying to provide you with an answer here but rather with a set of opinions that could explain the current situation with the series.

So, to start, the main reason why we think that the series has become so controversial is that the political satire in this season is over the top. It is great, don’t get us wrong, but the writers have really given it their all to criticize anyone and everyone they wanted without many restraints. And while the series has been doing that from the start, they are now more open and more blunt about it, so even those who had some doubts about the show’s context can now fully understand that, yes, The Boys are a parody of right-wing politics, although not just that. But yes, primarily that. And they’re not trying to hide it anymore.

In that aspect, the showrunners can also be “blamed” for the backlash, as they have been openly critical of the toxic fans and their online reactions, telling them to simply stop watching the show and move on, which definitely increased the hate and provoked many; review-bombing is just one way of reacting to this, so we think that this definitely added to the overall issues with the current season of the show.

Finally, the season arrived at a critical moment, just before the U.S. presidential election in which Trump is seeking his second term as President of the United States. The season openly parodies many aspects of Trump’s politics and life, as well as the people around him; his supporters have also not been spared by the showrunners this season. The nation is already polarized, and with The Boys adding to the increased division in American society, it makes sense that many review-bombers decided to use the review sites as a platform for their political battles.

And that is, we think, what contributed to the overall backlash of this season. The irony is that the series has been like this since it started, and yet the backlash is kicking in only just now, like – suddenly – everyone realized that water is wet, although it’s been wet all this time. What do you think is the reason? Do you agree with us, or do you have an opinion of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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