‘The Boys’ Is Preparing a Special ‘Supernatural’ Reunion as Jared Padalecki Is Practically Sure to Appear in Season 5 Alongside Jensen Ackles

'The Boys' Is Preparing a Special 'Supernatural' Reunion as Jared Padalecki is Practically Sure to Appear in Season 5 Alongside Jensen Ackles

We know that both Supernatural and The Boys are among the most popular fantasy series of all time. While these two series have very little in common in terms of their plots and characters, there is one person who connects these two great shows – Eric Kripke – who created Supernatural and is the showrunner of The Boys. Kripke’s trademark elements can be seen in both these shows, and they are among the things that make them both so great. However, as we have reported recently, there are also some other details that connect these two shows, and one of them is the fact that many Supernatural stars have appeared in The Boys.

The Supernatural stars who have appeared in The Boys include Jensen Ackles, Nathan Mitchell, Adrian Holmes, Christian Keyes, Jim Beaver, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and more, but Ackles’ name is the most important one here, as he was one of the main actors in Supernatural. At the same time, the name of Jared Padalecki does not appear on this list, and it seems that Kripke is planning on fixing that!

As you already know, because we have reported on it recently, Jared Padalecki, who portrayed Sam Winchester in Supernatural, is certainly the biggest name not to have made an appearance in The Boys. Fans have been calling for Padalecki’s inclusion – even in the form of a cameo – in the series, and it seems that Kripke is listening to the fans, as he has seemingly reached out to Padalecki about a possible appearance; this has been confirmed by the actor himself, so you can take it as a reliable piece of information. So, did Padalecki accept? Let’s see what he said:

And my response to him 90% of the time is, “Dude, I’m 41 now with three kids. I’m not 25 and working out three hours a day. I know you’re going to fucking make me get naked, so give me a heads-up. I’m in, but let me get a nutritionist and a trainer and get in the hyperbaric chamber for eight months before you make me show up.” But yeah, it would obviously be a lot of fun to see Kripke again and to work on that show, which is a great show that I’m a fan of.

Source: ScreenRant

Building on this, Kripke himself confirmed – in an interview with Entertainment Weekly – that the current plan is to bring Padalecki in for Season 5, which would bring about the highly-anticipated Supernatural reunion, and although nothing is set in stone, it all points to Padalecki joining the cast of The Boys in Season 5:

“The value of that is to break the internet. So we’ll see whether it’s right for the story. But yes, it’s occurred to me that putting those two in a scene together would destroy much of the world, and that’s appealing.


We both have now seen that it looks like our schedules will line up. I don’t have the role for him yet just because we haven’t cooked it up. We’re still really early in the season 5 break, but it does seem like the planets are aligning. Barring any unforeseen disaster, it seems like it’ll happen. Again, I don’t know what the character is, I don’t know if it’s one episode or more, I genuinely know a total of zero about all of that. I’m not being coy. I really don’t know.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

What do you think? Would you like to see Padalecki in The Boys? Let us know in the comments below!

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