‘The Boys’ Are Trolling Review-Bombers in the Best Possible Way: Introducing Vought’s New Browser – Browser!

'The Boys' Are Trolling Review-Bombers in the Best Possible Way: Introducing Vought's Browser - Browser!

The Boys Season 4 finally premiered on June 13, 2024, with the first three episodes, and the series is continuing to attract a lot of attention, going strong into its penultimate season. The season is currently Certified Fresh with high ratings, and Amazon has reported that the series also saw an increase in viewership. Despite that, some fans are review-bombing the season due to its increased political undertone, which shows that the writers have decided to give it their all when it comes to political satire. We have reported on several statements from showrunner Eric Kripke about the politics of this season, as well as about his opinion on the review-bombers.

It seems that The Boys don’t really care much about the review-bombers and, in a move that can only be described as fully brilliant, the series decided to troll all the review-bombers in the best way possible – with a promotional video that makes fun of them and their silly methods.

As you might know, the fictional company from the series – Vought International – has its own Twitter (now X) account and is occasionally posting tweets and content, making the whole situation very meta, which is good. We have recently reported on the Juneteenth celebration, and we now have another video for you:

As you can see, we have Ashley Battett, who has managed to become the CEO of Vought International in the series, presenting a new product by Vought. In collaboration with Opera, Vought created a new browser – called simply Browser – which will boost your surfing speed, as well as your online security. Of course, the catch is obvious – Vought will have access to all your data, but hey – at least the “others” won’t, right? Who the “others” are has not been revealed, but the video is an excellent pun on the paranoia of right-wing extremists who are constantly claiming that they are being watched and supervised by “someone,” despite the fact that we never find out who that “someone” is.

So, with Browser, you can do whatever you want online and no one will know it. Except Vought. And Homelander. No one else. So, if you want to watch horrible videos of Homelander killing people – you can, safely, as no one will know about it. Except Homelander. Also, if you want to review bomb shows (and this is the most genius moment of the video), you can also do it privately, as no one will know you’re doing it. Except Homelander.

It seems safe, right?

As stated, this is a brilliant piece of trolling by the producers and we absolutely love it, as it shows two things: that The Boys is one of the boldest shows of all time, and that they don’t really care about the review-bombers. As Kripke recently said:

“I clearly have a perspective, and I’m not shy about putting that perspective in the show. Anyone who wants to call the show “woke” or whatever, that’s OK. Go watch something else. But I’m certainly not going to pull any punches or apologize for what we’re doing.”

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